Does A Candidates Faith Matter?

My latest vidcast tackles the question Does The Candidates Faith Matter? Please join in on the conversation here on Outlaw Theology With The Whiskey Preacher!

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  • James Bulls

    I don’t think that a candidate’s faith is important in the election process, but I do think that religiously biased decisions made by that candidate should be important in the election process. By that I mean we should beware of the candidate who has particular religious views and legislates those views into law. I don’t care if a candidate is Christian, Muslim, Jew, Satanist, Pagan, Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu, or anything else. What I care about is candidates who use their power to write their religion into law. It’s fine and well if a candidate chooses to accept certain spiritual laws for him or her self – for example, that he or she may not use contraception, may not receive or provide an abortion, should always eat peanuts on a Wednesday evening, and so on – but it’s another thing entirely for that candidate, once in power, to find ways of writing his or her own chosen religious laws into secular law and thus making those laws apply to everybody (even those who prescribe to another religion or no religion at all.) Presidential candidates are applying to the highest office in the nation and consequently are obligated to represent all of us – including those of another religion or of no religion at all – and we should all be very cautious of those candidates who would use (or who have used) their influence at the expense of the minority.

  • George Houchens

    A person’s religion does matter. One’s religion helps to define inner values. It also helps to define personal biases, attitudes that could affect how a President performs. I, for instance, would never vote for a candidate from the Muslim faith. Why? Because their faith requires them to promote Sharia law and I do not wish to live under that kind of law. I also would not vote for an aethist, regardless of their values. Why? Because America was founded as a Christian nation and that is why it has prospered.
    But actions also speak louder than words. Is a President really a Christian because he claims to be? IMHO, Obama is not a Christian, but really a closet Muslim. He only claims to be Christian to get votes.