The Christian Anarchy Edition

Not all ministers look alike…I of all people know this, but not all Christians have the same outlook on life either. My good friend, renown international house church planter, and Christian Anarchist, John Jensen shares with here on Outlaw Theology the musings of Christian Anarchy.

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  • Karakay Kovaly

    This is what I’m talking about! This is one of the many reasons I love progressive / anarchist Christianity (paraphrased) “there is a difference from standing across a counter and slopping food onto someone’s plate and sitting down and and having breakfast with someone who shit their pants!” Loving people where they’re at, regardless of what that looks like, is paramount. Many thanks to Phil and John for spreading the good news!

  • Christian Smith

    How is this not Christian monarchy!? If anarchy is no power, then he’s not presenting anarchy. He’s presenting a different kind of power, but its still literally one power-monarchy. I think he just likes the word anarchy.

  • John Jensen

    Sorry Christian, I just saw this. the word archy, means powers or power. So to say I am talking about monarchy, is to suggest that there is an enforcement of power. That there is in some form coercion. In anarchist thought there is often power by consensus, consent or even by the 51%. The question is, is it coercive? I would suggest, that what I am talking about is God using the language of empire, and monarchy, but completely subverting it to mean, “a king who is powerless” Therefore, it isn’t mon archy, because the archy is removed. Christ becomes a brother, that leads us in the way of servanthood. That the church has not grasped or lived in this, almost from the beginning, does not mean that it is not the true intent of scripture. But I do like the word anarchy its so… punk rock