I saw this video posted on Facebook and I loved the story. It’s amazing the different ways that people find themselves involved in Hinduism. You never know where life is taking you!   Read more

In the last few years I have been fortunate enough to be connected with many people who are exploring the ideas of racism and racial privilege. I had a lot of learning to do and it’s an ongoing process as I learn to set aside my own opinions to really listen to the opinions of those whose voices are not as easily heard as mine. (Here are some great essays and cartoons to get you started if this is a new concept for you… Read more

Over the summer I quit my office job to write full time. It turns out that I was a little premature in that decision and our budget is stretched far too tight for comfort right now. So I started looking for a part time job near our home to supplement my writing income. It had to be part time and it had to be close enough to our house for me to walk because my husband and I share one… Read more

We are doing a scripture study together: reading along through some scriptures and discussing the passages. From the Winthrop Sargeant translation of The Gita… 39. This (insight) is wisdom, as declared in the theory of Sankhya; Now hear it as applied in arduous practice; Yoked with this determination, Arjuna, You shall rid yourself of the bondage of karma. 40. Here (in the yoga doctrine of practice) no effort is lost, Nor is any loss of progress found. Even a little of… Read more

On my old blogger blog several years ago I talked about the cultural differences around India, particularly the North/South divide (we have a similar divide in America though it doesn’t extend to different languages). At the time I talked about how getting started in Indian culture could lead you to look like a ridiculous blend of different cultures and traditions like someone wearing both cowboy boots and heavy gold “rapper” chains. I started thinking about how I could minimize that… Read more

There is an issue with how young Hindus see themselves, perhaps particularly in America. I’ve encountered it again and again where someone identifies as Hindu because that’s what they were raised but they have no sense of connection to it and no idea what any of it means. There’s an “Oh, I guess I’m Hindu” but no attachment to it. I think this comes across very clearly in the show The Mindy Project. It’s wonderful to have a show where… Read more

Ever since I discovered authentic Hindu practice I immediately felt that it was what I had always been. All the Indian philosophy in my upbringing came directly from this. How could I not immediately identify as Hindu? Yet it has always surprised me that I haven’t met anyone else from the organization I grew up in who did the same. As far as I know I might be the only one who went back to the source of what we… Read more

I love Holi. It is one of my favorite holidays of the year. If only we lived somewhere with cooperating weather! This year Holi is this Friday March 6th and right now there’s a snow day out of Brad’s school because of ice storms. Last year we were rained out and had to celebrate Holi late. This year the Hare Krishna temple (which hosts the biggest and best celebration) isn’t even attempting it until early next month! For those who… Read more

We are doing a scripture study together: reading along through some scriptures and discussing the passages. From the Winthrop Sargeant translation of The Gita… 35. The greatest warriors will think That you have abstained from the battle through fear, And among those you have been held in high esteem You shall come to be held lightly. 36. And your enemies will speak many words of you that should not be spoken, deriding your capacity. What greater hardship is there than that?… Read more

Amazingly it’s been around seven years since I first started stumbling towards learning Hindi. For those who are new here is some background: my parents study Sanskrit and so I grew up with some influence of that. I knew the letters of the devanagari alphabet (which both Sanskrit and Hindi use) by the time I was in college. I knew some Vedic prayers. I had a little kid’s learn Sanskrit book from the St. James school (affiliated with SES). The… Read more

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