Pagan Reactions to the DC40 Prayer War

“There is no essential difference between sticking pins into a wax image of an enemy and burning candles in front of a wax image of the Virgin. You may think that both these practices are gross superstition, but you can hardly think that one is real and potent and deny reality and potency to the other.” Dion Fortune, Psychic Self-Defense

Yesterday I covered an ambitious spiritual warfare campaign that’s being planned by New Apostolic Reformation leaders. The campaign, “DC40,″ which aims to “lay siege” on Washington D.C. and bring about “the advancement of the Kingdom in the earth.” The New Apostolic Reformation, a neo-Pentecostal movement, is extremely anti-Pagan in its orientation. They call Washington D.C. the “District of Christ” because Columbia is an aspect of the Queen of Heaven, essentially the feminine divine in all its many forms, from Isis to Mary. They are obsessed with this (in their minds) demonic figure, and have devoted talks, written several books, and performed coordinated prayer campaigns against her.


The event starts on October 3rd, places special emphasis on Samhain/Día de los Muertos, and continues through most of November. It’s very clear that they expect real-world political dividends from this action, including the end of “compromise” and a return to Christian dominance in the United States. At the end of my post yesterday I asked what our collective response should be, could we continue to simply ignore them, or was some sort of working/action necessary to counter the energies being raised by this network? So far, several Pagans have weighed in, starting with Pagan blogger Hecate, who says that “this time it’s personal,” and proposes defending Columbia by warding the Capitol against their intervention.

“So what does that mean: to defend her? Well, I propose (and thanks to Literata for the suggestion) to seriously ward my Bit of Earth, my own tiny temple to Columbia. I propose to, a number of times between now and November 11, 2011, circle the United States Capitol, sprinkling, inter alia, rosemary (that’s for remembrance) and warding the beautiful statue of Columbia that presides over, and directs energy into, the United States Capitol. I propose to write to my Senators and Congress person, on paper that I’ve charged and with ink that I’ve mixed with sacred herbs, and ask them to disavow this hateful group of Dominionists. I propose to ask my own Circle if we can do some protective magic. I propose, as Summer slips into Autumn and as the Veils Between the Worlds begin to thin, to call upon all of my ancestresses and ancestors, especially those who have worked to make America the Home of the Free, and ask them to block what the Dominionists are doing to this country and to my beloved City on a Hill. I’m an urban Pagan and I propose to do magic to sustain my urban area.”

Another Pagan bloger, Literata, is making a daily devotion to the American personification of Liberty.

“In response to this, I have made a commitment to the personification of Liberty. You may call her Freedom, as in the statue crowning the dome of the Capitol building, or you may call her Columbia, patron goddess of the district, or you may know her as the ideal of religious toleration that Thomas Jefferson worked so tirelessly to embed in Virginia’s laws and which became part of America’s Bill of Rights, the very fabric of our legal existence.”

PNC-Washington DC has a statement from the locally-based Open Hearth Foundation.

“The Open Hearth Foundation will take precautions that are necessary in preparing for Samhain festivities in the light of this new campaign.  We recommend that Pagan groups who are holding festivities in the DC area during this time take extra care and make sure to have a plan in mind with what to do if protesters or dissenters showed up at their events.  While it is not likely that they would confront us in the physical, we could only be so lucky that dissenters would give us this kind of warning before arriving.  We will stay alert and informed, making sure to monitor the situation and make adjustments to our plans as deemed necessary for the safety and security of all.”

At the Patheos Pagan Portal,  Star Foster has announced that she’s working to create “an interfaith project devoted to more positive ends.” Foster also notes that “spiritual warfare Is essentially black magic.”

“Labels do not define our morality. They do not evaluate our character. It is not calling yourself a Pagan, Christian, Witch, Evangelical, Thelemite, Catholic or Wiccan that identifies you as a good person, it’s what you do. If what you do is declare spiritual warfare against others, if you devote your time and energy to harm, destroy and  confound others, then you are not a good person. You soul is blackened and corrupt.”

Finally, Hawaiian Pagan Lamyka has taken offense at this group kicking off their initiative in Hawaii, and is rallying Hawaiians for a “Hawai’i Against Hate” response.

Oct. 3rd, spread the word to every Kahu, Kahuna, & Kumu to use our Mana to block their sickness from the world! You don’t need to be the same faith you just need to believe that hatred has no place in Hawai’i or anywhere else in this world. If you want to pray before the 3rd, on the 3rd, and after the 3rd that’s also very welcome! As a suggestion let us all simply pray. “Let the hate spread by the DC40 group and likeminded individuals be stopped and returned to them. Ho’i no ‘ai i DC40!”

For more, I would also suggest you check out the comments section of my post from yesterday, which contains some intelligent discussion on what the proper response should be. I’ll be keeping track of reactions to this campaign by the New Apostolic Reformation, and update as necessary. For all of my coverage on the New Apostolic Reformation (also known as the “Third Wave”) check out this link, and this link.

ADDENDUM: Here’s a report on this from PNC-Minnesota.

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  • Alice C. “A.C.” Fisher Aldag

    Had suggested in a previous post to ground and dissipate, or to use energies raised for positive purposes, to encourage religious freedom.

    On a “real-world” plane, this is where Pagan Media becomes essential. These types of individuals do not relish being exposed for what they really are, so our best defense is to stick a video camera in their face.

    There were protesters a while ago at a local Pagan Pride event. They were actually physically assaulting people, as well as accosting them with prayers and denouncements, and making noise to interfere with rituals and workshops. They even tried to harm Pagan children. The next year, Magickal Media brought video cameras, and went over to the protestors to film their antics. Guess what? They vanished like smoke!

    Another suggestion is to make police aware of your event beforehand. Your tax dollars fund the cops, and they are obligated to defend you. Have them on “speed dial”, if they aren’t willing to actually show up at your event; you can call them with a touch. Have several large people wearing red “security” shirts, who can protect attendees and serve as guardians of the circle. And video the protestors’ license plates, their actions, and if there is any illegal activity, give a copy of the video to the police.

  • Robin Edgar

    :These types of individuals do not relish being exposed for what they really are, so our best defense is to stick a video camera in their face.

    That sounds like a plan Alice. Interestingly enough I have had rather foolish individuals stick their faces in my video camera during my protests against anti-religious intolerance and bigotry. . .

    Enjoy these YU*UKs courtesy of U*UTube :-)

  • Mike

    I would suggest that every heiðin should erect a niðstang against these tyranical Christian Dominionists.

  • Masery

    Found a Christian blog that commented on the Wild Hunt coverage and the DC40 event. “The following was taken from a Pagan blog. I must say it is pretty darn sad when Pagans have more discernment to what is going on within the apostate church, than the church does.”

    Later in the post they reflect on Pagan responses at the Wild Hunt. “A comment taken from the site concerning this matter: Perhaps we should become “better healers than they are warriors”? And I think a healthy dose of humor would be a good healing tactic.

    I wish I had her sense of humor. But I don’t. I think these false prophets/apostles are leading the church straight to anti-christ. Whatever, whoever it is.

    If I had to choose between the two, I would much rather have a pagan for my friend than these who are setting themselves up for the rest of the church to follow.”

  • Makarios

    Thanks for the link. Is there an interfaith council of some kind in D.C.? If so, perhaps they might take an interest. It would be a powerful rebuke to the Dominionist nutbars to have Christians (as well as Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans, Muslims, etc.) standing in spiritual solidarity against this sort of malice.

  • Makarios

    The Great Oracle Google has answered my question:

    Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington:

    Interfaith Alliance:

  • Elizabeth LaPosta

    Interesting, that they picked up on my comments, maybe they too should read “The Fifth Sacred Thing”? By better healers, I mean, lets heal the anger and fear that draws members to these churches in the first place. Healthy Christian churches need to offer a better alternative to the unhealthy churches.

  • Wade Alan Long

    “Strike hard and true sir, as you will. I will yet live, for my heart is stronger than your sword-arm.” – Johannes Lynch

  • Anonymous

    except for when my sword slides right through it 😀

  • Rose Welsh

    is it just me or does the narrator sound suspiciously like Bush Jr.? Also, saying they are starting in Hawaii because it was the last state seems to be a smoke screen. Obama is from Hawaii and if they are thinking like a magician, they’re trying to weaken this country’s leader at his roots.

  • Obsidia

    I also immediately thought of George W. Bush when I heard the Narrator. Listen, also, to Governor Rick Perry…he has that W. flavor also.

    I also agree that Hawaii was chosen to be the first state for reasons unstated in their agenda. I wouldn’t mess with Hawaii, however…there’s some powerful Spirits there!!!

    Ka Hu Na!!!

  • Apuleius Platonicus

    The Dion Fortune quote is perfect!

    Personally I think the Christians who openly declare “spiritual warfare” are less dangerous than the ones who want to be our friends and engage in “dialogue”. But the important thing is to realize that both of these types of Christians are working on the same team and toward the same end — and their strategies are not so much different as they are complementary. It’s called “hard-cop/soft-cop.”

  • Obsidia

    I remember that my mother used to pray that I return to the Church (Roman Catholic) and let go of my Pagan path. I actually did go to her Funeral, where the priest said she was a good Catholic, but she asked too many questions. I spoke up (yes, in Church!) and said that maybe my mother was right in questioning him! I felt her spirit dance with joy in that moment. My aunt (her sister) told me later that she was proud of me for speaking up in my mother’s defense.

    A little Church down the road had a sign: “We have a Vision.” The sign was a picture of Flames (much like the video you are linking to). Me and my mate always kind of laughed when we went by there. Like, whoa, do I really want to go to a church that has a vision of the world burning up? In another year, their sign had changed. They still “Had a Vision,” but now the picture was the Holy Ghost and was very beautiful and healing. I always smile when I go past there now… peace, though, and not derision.

    A great site for “Visionary Activists” is Caroline Casey’s site:

    If you have a “Compassionate Trickster” spirit, you can certainly get lots of ideas about visionary activism there! Especially listen to her excellent radio shows!

    I don’t think you can argue with Religious Authoritarians, because their faith is based on emotionalism. You can’t really argue logically with an emotional person.

    My tactics are just to be myself and wear my pentacle and be proud of being a Witch!

  • Ursyl

    When our son finished his Coming of Age year, a UU thing, at the final ceremony a parent of each young person was welcomed to stand up and give the group a piece of advice or to share a thought.

    My husband advised the group that “If it cannot be questioned or is not allowed to be questioned, then there is something Wrong with it.”

  • Renee Randi Hawkins

    The image of fire which I doubt was used with out fore thought makes my stomach turn.

  • Rose Welsh

    I just had a thought: These people are asking for the end to compromise. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if what they did with their magick is grow Obama some balls? He is dead set right now on compromise. The GOP are the ones who refuse to compromise. The only one I see here needing any anti-compromise juju is Obama. He’s got the ability to reset the debt ceiling on his own. But for whatever reason he doesn’t see this as the right way. He’s compromised progressive values to Center Right instead of even the Center. Maybe he needs these people to give him the balls he needs to turn into an FDR so we can get this country back on track.

    That in mind, I suggest we start our own counter campaign now, to help Obama realize that the only way he’s going to make a difference is to stop compromising and just do what needs to be done.

    But that’s just my six drachmas.


  • Charles Cosimano

    sounds like a quick way for Obama to throw away what little political chances he has left.

  • Norse Alchemist

    This being the same “No Drama Obama” that has pitched fits and walked out of meetings because he can’t get his way?

  • Mojavi

    I will ask my patron Goddess, Lady Liberty, the protectress of NYC, to defend those under Her domain.

  • Joseph

    Physically, I think each and every one of those state capitol prayer meetings should be met by a counter-protest. Preferably one that is interfaith in nature, to highlight just how isolated these people are from the social, political, and spiritual mainstream. But if that’s not possible, then something– anything– to demonstrate to these people that we will not just roll over to appease their bigotry.

  • Joseph

    For all those in New Jersey, I’ve started a blog to try to coordinate a response to this effort, on both a spiritual and mundane level:

    I urge people in all 50 states, plus the District of *Columbia*, to do likewise.

  • Djhutmosu Si-Hathor

    This New Jerseyan is intrigued. :)

  • Philipp Kessler

    Something like this is being organized in Lincoln, NE for Oct. 16.

    Zaracon of The Zaracon Show and RevKess of Pagan-Musings Podcast are working towards doing a 51 day podcast series, one day for each state and DC.

  • balance

    Here is a relevant song that can add to the magical defense/healing. Put it in your psyche.

  • Literata
  • Greenflame

    I invite interested people to join in a working that some magickal acquaintances and I have been doing since Beltane. We invoke Lady Liberty as Goddess and these American Ancestral Spirits: Thomas Jefferson, Sacagawea, Susan B. Anthony, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

    To see and copy the image we created to support this working, and to read more details of this working, please go to http://www.eternalharvestwicca

    (This is a temporary website until a dedicated one can be established. This “Magickal Working for America” is not an official part of the Eternal Harvest Tradition.)

    Our methods of working are diverse, but we use the common image as well as a common spell of intent:

    “We call upon all humans to create a life consistent with their true nature, the calling of their hearts, and the highest good of all.

    Grounded in the truth that all humans are created equal, we ask that all humans have the courage, willingness, and clarity of perception to embrace one another’s humanity, to band together to reclaim our governing structures from corrupt interests, and to secure our individual rights.

    We call upon all humans to recognize injustice, inequality, and manipulation wherever it manifests; to call out the perpetrators; and to ensure that wrongdoers are brought to justice that is grounded in compassion, common sense, and fairness.

    It is created as it is spoken.”

  • Debora

    In calling upon the ancestors, as Hecate says here, we should, in addition to our own ancestors who strove to tame this land and make it free, those who created our government — they were Deists. They would never have condoned what the wing-nuts are proposing, so let’s call on them — they were powerful, they were educated, they were intelligent. They are the ones who can rise up and crush this effort to once again drag us back into the dark ages.

  • balance

    The intent and spirit of their working reminds me of the scene in the movie “Agora” where the Christians intentionally gather to defile the Agora, piss off the pagans, who (oops) retaliate with swords, and a whole mess is born that sees the sacking of the Library of Alexandria, lots of bloodshed, Hypatia’s torturous death, and you know, the Dark Ages. Let’s keep our swords sheathed and our heads clear, hmm? But what a provocative and despicable act they’re performing.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve put up some additional comments, including thoughts about how to deal with the media on this topic, over at my blog.

  • Cara Schulz

    Columbia Soteira, prevent the destructive forces directed against us. Provide protection from evil attacks and stop the aggressors that attempt to bring destruction to our people and our way of life. I stand against the spirit of fear that accompanies the cowardice acts of hatred. I also pray that You enter the hearts of the instigators of discord, so they recognize the harm they inflict on others, and choose to live in harmony with their fellow man. If they persist in destructive acts, may Nemesis grant them all that they deserve. Place Your hand of protection over us and bless us with peace and justice.

  • Anne Hatzakis

    I’m going to see if I can get a similar thing going in Colorado to what happened in Hawai’i

  • Joseph Max

    I think people are missing one of the best ways to combat this.

    Banishing with laughter.

    Yes, they need to be confronted, and countered. But they also need to be mocked. Here’s Michael Moore showing how it’s done.

    Example: Find out when they are going to make a public appearance. As they gather for a mighty whomping up of prayer power, send a line of people marching past them dressed as the monks form Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” to chant and beat themselves on the heads with bibles. Make sure TV crews can see it. I guarantee hilarity will ensue, and a great banishing of evil. Visualize it:

    “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.” — Mark Twain

  • Pagan Puff Pieces

    Wow, that was kind of beautiful!

    Nothing disarms like skillfully highlighted absurdity. Ideally you don’t have to do much other than get the laughter started (it’s okay to laugh! Yes, it is stupid! And, yes, where there is love, there is hope!), letting the weirdness do the talking for it. And you need to keep a good, level head while still being quick of mind. The word humor comes from earth. A heavy, relaxed weight is hard to move, but a tense one can easily be picked up or knocked over. Grounding!

    It’s funny how little it can take a self important personality to go crazy when his adversary isn’t acting the way he’s supposed to, or when he feels he’s being mocked (like the reaction to a certain saluting dog). No matter how small you are or big your opponent is, you’re stronger than his wrist, and if you know exactly where to push… (okay, I need to stop using these metaphors because I don’t know how to do these things myself)

    So, on the funnier side of things:
    When I saw that one video with the patriot, I thought I was watching “Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration,” but then he said some Biblical thing. DC40, how could you let me down?!

  • Nick Ritter

    ” No matter how small you are or big your opponent is, you’re stronger than his wrist, and if you know exactly where to push… (okay, I need to stop using these metaphors because I don’t know how to do these things myself)”


    Metaphorically speaking, you’re talking about using one’s weaknesses and basic instincts (such as, in kotegaeshi, one’s desire not to have one’s wrist broken) against oneself.

    Find the weak spot and use their protectiveness of it to off-balance them, and you can make them fall.

  • Lamyka L.

    My Mother always said the same thing. Laughter is the best weapon against fear and hate. My listed event is for prayer, but I think this is also a wonderful way to go about it.

  • Karen A. Scofield

    Sounds like the New Apostolic Reformation leaders rebottled some old wine, similar in spirit to:

    The Late Jerry Fallwell: “The pagans and the abortionists and the feminists and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way — all of them who have tried to secularize America,” Falwell continued, “I point the finger in their face and say “_________'” (fill in with blaming message of choice such as you’re what’s wrong with the world/America/society today or whatever).

    “Well, I totally concur,” responded _____.

    The American people are supposed to believe in God, er them, er, God, er, their show of power. Never you mind what kind of power (egalitarian & democratic or abusive & theocratic)! We’re supposed to believe that prejudice (creedism/heterosexism/sexism…) makes a good axis of morality..and politicized religion! Creedism makes people 100% credible, you know! And good. Never mind that history repeatedly shows what theocracy leads people into…it’ll be different this time, they promise…

    This time, they’ll be more civilized about any two-tiered systems of ‘more equal than thou,’ and ‘you’re damned and I’m not!’ It’ll all be so nice-nice you won’t even know there is discrimination afoot. At least, not unless it’s directed at you. And then, who cares because you can’t compare it to slavery or “the” civil rights movement.

    And creedism isn’t even in the bible…I mean dictionary! That makes it okay. The topic is sooo taboo, it’s not fit for discussion in polite U.S. of A., even though it’s behind one of the largest fronts of contention here today. Besides, you know, the economy.

    It’s not an improvement to merely assign a different political or religious identity (the religious, the godless, Muslims, Christians, progressives, this political party or that) to the wrong side of any The Forces of Good™ vs. The Forces of Evil™ dualism — it’s still black and white, all or nothing thinking and it’s that type of thinking that allows people to easily denigrate and attack others…whether verbally, culturally or in the most literal sense.

    District of Christ? Sorry fellas, but we have separation of church and state and DC is still going to be the District of Columbia, under our federal government’s jurisdiction, not under your power grabbing paws…men of God, my foot!

    From the video Jason linked to, above (present rating 5 likes, 64 dislikes, only 2 thousand something views)? About that “Light and Understanding” used as a visual?

    “There are two kinds of light – the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures.” ~James Thurber

  • Karen A. Scofield

    I don’t think it’s a coinkidinki they’re starting in HI, President Obama’s birth state, before “laying siege” upon DC. I bet they drool on their pillows and mutter “Barrack Hussein,” a stressed emphasis on Hussein, in their sleep.

  • Juliaki

    Another civil disobedience method that could be done is to make sure the link gets buried in a Google search. Right now, searching for dc 40 brings it up at the end of the first page of hits behind various DC tax codes and Garmin product info. I am not tech savvy, so I don’t know how this was accomplished, but is there a way to keep other search results coming in high on the list so that people looking for the web site will have difficulty finding it in the weeds? Can/should it be made into fodder for the Urban Dictionary? After all, look what happened to ‘santorum’ as a result of a similar campaign….or if you are at work, don’t look as santorum is now NSFW. 😉

  • redeemedhippie

    If I may ask a question here? How can anyone take these flakes whom a lot of Christians have no regard for at all, seriously? I’m just curious. Do you actually believe they have some kind of power? They have done so many things in the past it would be laughable if it were not so serious to some of us Christians in the sense that they bring much reproach to what we believe. We call them false deceitful lying apostles/prophets. There is nothing to fear here. Peace.

  • Dspirits

    We take them seriously because they have the ear of many of our political leaders and people of influence. We also take them seriously because they do have power to build a great deal of energy. If you have never been to a fire and brimstone tent revival you can’t imagine the energy and emotion that is raised in that small event. But place that in a much larger venue and add to that raised energy a very strong focus of malignant intent and you have a threat most of us will not ignore. I read some of you posts redeemedhippie… the same things you are witnessing in your church that caused you to leave are the same forces here. We will not turn a blind eye and deaf ear to such a thing.

  • Jason Pitzl-Waters

    I take them seriously because they increasingly have the ear of several
    prominent politicians. Mix that with a theology of spiritual warfare and
    anti-Pagan attitudes and it isn’t something I feel we can simply laugh off.
    For instance, Sarah Palin has deep ties with NAR, what if she had become VP?
    Do you think she would have simply ignored her religious allies once in
    national office?

  • Rhavyn_moon

    It is sad to say but for some time now this “hate” movement has been growing. Did anyone notice, after the VA “awarded” the Pentacle as a religious symbol, that the “Religious Right” got very quiet?

    To laugh off this movement is dangerous. People laughed at Hitler as well. Growing up Jewish, I sadly learned how to live with being hated for my religion. Ironic that I chose another religion that is hated and feared equally.

    Religious intolerance isn’t a new thing. Since the beginning of time, people have hated due to religious intolerance. Wars have been fought. Entire countries have been decimated. And most importantly, people have died. All in the name of religion.

    As a witch, it is my responsibility to educate wherever and whenever I can. It astonishes me as to how many Pagans still have no idea of the fight for the Pentacle. It is not my job to judge. It is my job to educate.

    We can cast all the protection spells that we want. We can ask our Deities to assist. It may help. But I know that the Jews asked their God to help them as well. I know that my Gods will not give me anything that I am not willing to do for myself. Fighting for justice and equality is something that I can do. And with doing so, my Gods may grant me that in return.

    I was fortunate to have had a small part in the VA granting the Pentacle. I learned, while standing on the steps of the MN State Capital during a hellacious blizzard, that I am a warrior. That day awakened something in me that will never be ignored again. I took a part in changing the face of history for all times.

    As one voice, we are quiet and small. As many voices, we are loud and large. I would beg all that are reading this to find your place; find your voice. With many we will be heard.

    If we choose to sit on the sidelines and stay quiet history will repeat itself until the lessons needed to be learned are learned.

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    And what of the witches??

  • Alice C. “A.C.” Fisher Aldag

    I take them seriously because friends and loved ones have been physically and verbally assaulted by them.

  • Literata

    I take them seriously because they may be planning to try to disrupt a major event for DC Pagans. I know full well that a lot of their ideas are ridiculous, but they take themselves very seriously and will act on what they believe. More on DC40.

    Even if you think they don’t have any power, it would do more good to work on getting them not to do these things than to tell us not to fear people who want to hurt us.

  • Sarenth

    If by, there’s nothing to fear here, you mean politically active and religiously motivated people voting to remove walls separating church and state, relegating minority religions like myself as unprotected by the First Amendment, and installing people who have shown themselves to be politically poisonous towards women, minority faiths, and to the poor and working class, then yes, you’re right. Nothing to fear here at all.

  • Verac1ty

    For those who are choosing to concentrate on the Freedom statue, here are some good pictures of it:

  • The Bony Man

    I plan on organizing a counter-magick protest for my state (Nebraska), on the 16th of October, which is when Nebraska plays “point” for their little prayer war. I am currently contacting all of my Pagan friends. Anyone else on here in Nebraska, feel free to join in!

  • The Bony Man

    We have started a Facebook group for our counter-protest, the group is “Liberty Lives in the HEARTland”

  • Norse Alchemist

    If religious/spiritual warfare is black magic, then I say we bring the blackest of the black. These Christians, like their Muslim and all other Abrahamic religions , seek only domination and the elimination of our ways. They sought to burn the world into their image from the shores of California to the borders of India, from the fjords of Scandinavia to the deserts of Africa and jungles of South America.

    Speak not of interfaith. We have seen the measures of that. Peace is a lie, one which they will use to lower our guard and smite us as they did before.

    Never again. Let us call upon Gods and Goddesses, Spirits, Jotun, Titan, Fae, and all others. Let us show the world our strength and our belief. Let us show our peoples through the world what it means to be Pagan and Heathen. Let us reclaim the lost to their ancient ways, and learn from all who have seen their ways be punished and exterminated.

    Never Again!

  • Jackson Nels Thorson Eflin

    No. We can’t do that. We have to be better than that. It sucks, but we have to be the better people and continue to try to be tolerant and peaceful and interfaithy until there is, without question, no other option. This too will pass. As another Norseman, I ask you to please help set a good example.

  • Norse Alchemist


    Why do we have to be better? Is it because our ways are morally superior? They are not. They are our ways, neither better nor worse, and we have no concept of “sin.”

    I have seen the limits of tolerance and peace in my life. Look above to the article. There is your tolerance. There is your peace. They seek still to destroy us and our ways. Look at the world around you, at the Christian and Muslim worlds.

    See their tolerance.

    See their peace.

    You ask me to help set a good example? As if this was new territory, never blazed, and I was needed to show the way.

    The way has already been shown. A Thousand Years Ago it was shown. You say you are a Norseman? Look to the example of our ancestors. They fought and died, bled and endured to the bitter end. Will you stand before those who fought for their Kin and Gods and look them in they eyes and tell them you did not fight because you had to be “tolerant and peaceful” to the very things that slew them? Will you look in the eyes of long dead kin, tell them you worshiped as in the old ways, prayed to the Gods that are Kin, but could not even hold to our ancient culture, our ancient ways, enough to stand hard for your beliefs. That Peace was more important than safe guarding our beliefs. That you didn’t fight because of some sense of Moral Superiority?

    I can imagine what they will say. What they will feel.

    I don’t need to set an example. I don’t need to be tolerant. You say this too will pass. You are right about that. The only difference is if it passes because we stood up and stood strong, or because we played nice and were wiped out again.

    I know where I stand.

    Do you?

  • SterlingSilverRose

    If you think they will simply go away you’re very wrong. This is not that type of organization. They want to make sure they eliminate EVERY ONE who is not apart of their sect of religion that means Catholics, Witches, Pagans, etc.

  • SterlingSilverRose

    When one thinks of the number of people who died during the crusades it’s staggering. I think these people need to understand that these so called Christians are a small percentage of religion but I think they are very much like the Taliban in that they are organized, dangerous, well funded and have many politicians in their back pocket. While the Taliban was not an issue or taken seriously it wasn’t until the 9/11 attacks that they were taken seriously. I think most people don’t believe these people are a threat and they are very wrong.

  • Alice C. “A.C.” Fisher Aldag

    This blogger has a good point:

    Yes, we should defend ourselves and our religion. Yes, we should support those who are in favor of religious freedom. Yes, we must protect ourselves. We must be aware of dangers, including violent protest at our events.

    Yet while we denounce a Christian sect invoking Jesus, we propose to invoke a national Goddess? Not sure I want to “establish” religion, not even a Pagan religion.

  • Jc Dufresne

    While I commend all the posters on their desire to counter the Dominionists spiritually I would like to recommend that you also get involved locally with your political party whether Democrat or Republican and encourage their candidates to support Separation of Church and State as it is the pillar on which our freedom of religion stands. You might also consider joining Americans United for Separation of Church and State which while led by an ordained minister, Rev. Barry Lynn, is very vocal about protecting the rights of non-Christians and non-believers.

  • Lydia Green

    I propose we declare October 3 Aloha Day, celebrating all things Pagan about the state of Hawaii. From then on, I say we do the same for each and every state, in the same order as the DC40.

  • Lori F – MN

    Like that idea!

    Most important is that WE don’t react aggressively. If we do, any press will focus on that instead of DC40.
    We must emulate Ghandi and MLK.

  • SterlingSilverRose

    I like that idea too! It shows that we are against what they are doing in a peaceful but forceful way. I think educating the public at large that this is a real threat to everyone’s way of life is what is needed.

  • Earthnin

    don’t let thier hatred influence you, but I do believe that doing nothing can be dangerous. To let them know we are many & peaceful but carry a big staff. I pray to the shining ones above to the ancestors below & to the local spirits of my land to protect us. Let this not be a war between brothers & sisters of this land. Do be prepared for we know that when fundamentalist get together with weapons then they are only terrorist. Earthnin a follower of the druid path.

  • Iris Stephanie King

    Something has to be done about these prayer warriors before this gets out of hand. Its bad enough that they don’t know anything about their own religion or what our country was founded upon. If something isn’t done this could easily end up being an American Jihad or Crusade against these crazies.

  • Wade Alan Long

    Well, if they want a war …. we can give them one.

  • Wade Alan Long

    I think the real issue is that most of these “Prayer Warriors” really don’t understand the inner workings of either magic OR prayers, so even their best effort is going to be pretty mediocre.

  • Eric

    I would not underestimate this. They are focusing on injuring pagans, and they claimed to have already done so (see the cancer incident quoted). The very fact that they believe that they caused this should give cause to have a little worry.

  • Wade Alan Long

    I don’t think it’s “underestimating” their ability in this area, any more than one would “underestimate” the chances of defeating a professional boxer by relying on one’s outstanding high score on Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

    They’ve got passion and desire, but no talent or understanding.

  • WW Rhiannon

    I’m not a Pagan blogger, but I’m openly pagan on my FB account. The wording in this video is a bit alarming. ANY pagan should be concerned about obvious fundamentalist Christians speaking about “fire”….. So which fringe group is this? And how big a following do they really have?? This sort of thing in this day and age is just amazing to me….

  • Ian Corrigan

    A small contribution to the magical response:

  • Hieronyma Jerome

    I think I may have at least one possible plan. What do you all think about this?

  • Jason Pitzl-Waters

    Great post Hieronyma, I’m sharing it around. I’ll be posting soon about various Pagan efforts related to this, if you want to be plugged in, I can share your contact info with folks.

  • Hieronyma Jerome

    I would love to be. Thank you very much, Jason.

  • Jessica Butler Johnson

    I do believe it is personal for everyone in the United States. Some of the stuff that they have been saying is sad in the very least, and scary even more than that. They are proposing to take this country backwards. We have every right to our beliefs! I dont see us marching on Washington to get Christianity or any other religion banned. But I do believe that there is a thing to be said that our gaurds should be up and we should be weary. Even though the heads of this whole thing dont have any intention of meeting us face to face, doesnt mean that some poor mislead soul might take it upon himself to hurt one of us. I mentioned all this to a friend of mine and had her read about it and she made a valid point of them trying to bring us back to the burning times!! I want to know if there is anything I can do, or any of us, to stand up for our Goddess regardless of her name! To show that they will not ever bring us down!!

  • Hermione

    I’m going to ask Athena, who protects democracy, to protect this country from these horrible monsters. This type of hate and attack on others that aren’t Christian is against the very thing that America was founded on. This affects everyone, not just Pagans.

  • AthenaGreenWolf

    I’m disgusted. This country was founded so that people may practice whatever spirituality they choose, or even to not pratice at all. Who do these people think they are to tell someone how to believe?! I am a Wiccan, currently studying with a coven, and in the first lesson they taught me they said to remember that the burning times may not be far off. Well, they are right. That’s what these people are trying to bring back “Let’s fan the flames together”, are you kidding me?
    As pagans and non Christians – everybody who opposes this movement- we need to raise energy and send prayers. It is not a coincidence that they are doing this in our nation’s capital. We need to stand up against this for the future of this country. And we need to pray to the Gods to protect those who will soon be celebrating Saimhain, for the Goddess knows that they will most likely try to attack us.