Pagan Community Notes: Drew Jacob, Abraxas, Fifth Sacred Thing, and More!

Pagan Community Notes is a companion to my usual Pagan News of Note series, more focused on news originating from within the Pagan community. I want to reinforce the idea that what happens to and within our organizations, groups, and events is news, and news-worthy. My hope is that more individuals, especially those working within Pagan organizations, get into the habit of sharing their news with the world. So lets get started!

Drew Jacob’s Heroic Path: PNC-Minnesota reports that Drew Jacob, former head of the now-defunct Temple of the River, Patheos columnist, and author of “Walk Like A God,” will embark on an over 3000-mile walk from Minnesota to Brazil in South America, a trip that Jacob sees as a spiritual calling.

PNC-MN Editor Cara Schulz, Drew Jacob, & PNC Contributor Diana Rajchel

“I decided to live the Heroic Life after many years of telling the myths of the ancient heroes. One day I realized that although their stories are fun to read or hear, they would be more fun to live. So I’ve begun to change my entire life to be able to travel and do great things.  To live the Heroic Life means taking action, living for high ideals, charging fearlessly into new and grand plans, building a name around your art or skill, and using your life to change the way the world works.”

Jacob will begin the walk in the Spring after months of training, including a martial arts intensive in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He said that “I believe in a life of travel, traveling freely and finding your purpose in life.  I believe in doing amazing things.” Drew Jacob will be blogging his trip and experiences, here.

A New Abraxas Appears: Abraxas: The International Journal of Esoteric Studies has released its second volume.

“Treadwells and Fulgur are delighted to announce the second issue of the esoteric journal ABRAXAS is now available to pre-order. As with our first issue, writers and artists have kindly submitted material from across the globe: Argentina, Australia, the United States, Mexico, Finland, Poland and the United Kingdom are all represented. Substantially larger than the previous issue, Abraxas 2 offers over 210 pages of essays, poetry, interviews and art, much of it published for the first time. Uniquely produced in a large high quality format, printed on a variety of papers, richly illustrated in colour and monochrome, and offering our first free audio supplement, we hope this issue of Abraxas will provoke and inspire.”

You can find a full list of contributors, here. The new volume of Abraxas will also be available at Seattle’s Esoteric Book Conference being held on September 10th and 11th.

Starhawk Says Thank You: As I mentioned previously the planned movie adaptation of Starhawk’s novel “The Fifth Sacred Thing” has reached its first fundraising goal. Over $75,000 dollars was pledged towards making a professional pitch video to the major film studios. Starhawk, along with producers Paradox Pollack and Philip ‘Mouse’ Wood, have made a special thank-you video to mark the end of this first phase.


Pollack also recently appeared on the Paradigms radio show to talk about the film and the campaign. Future updates on this project can be found at their Facebook page, or the official project website.

More Community Notes:

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  • Cara Schulz

    The most interesting thing about attending Drew’s birthday/going away party was how open he was about this being a spiritual calling. The people attending the party were not all (or even mostly) Pagan. They were his co-workers from the Minneapolis Arts Institute, other business friends, people he knew from exercising and sports activities, etc. Yet he was natural and open about being a Priest in a polytheistic faith and to see him dedicate himself to Lugh in such a public way during his goodbye speech was amazing. It was such an amazing experience that I transcribed the entire (short) speech he gave and inserted it into the article on PNC-Minnesota.

    It was an amazing interaction amongst a very diverse group of people and I wish every Pagan, Heathen, and polytheist could have been there just to see it.

  • Diana Rajchel

    Andrew’s an old friend, and I’ve known about this plan for adventure since he was in his mid-twenties. I’m happy for him, that he’s finally making this manifest.

  • Lori F – MN

    I love hearing about Pagan Musicians. That’s where I found Pandemonaeon and Sharon Knight. I had the pleasure of seeing her and Winter at Sacred Path this summer.
    But I’m looking for some sugguestions on Blackthorne. What would be a good album/cd to start with?

  • Alice C. “A.C.” Fisher Aldag

    Let’s hear it for good news!

  • T

    Sounds like a Heroic journey indeed that Drew is planning, and I hope it accomplishes what he hopes it will.
    Important to note also that normal folks, who can’t trek across the globe, accomplish Heroic acts, and live Heroic lives as well.
    Being a Hero, or living the Heroic life, doesn’t preclude the everyday man/woman and her challenges.
    Living a life you can be proud of, without regret = Heroic Life.


  • James Bulls

    Aye; I think Mr. Jacob is living his faith and being who he says he wants to be (as opposed to some people who never really take that step), but if this is an advertisement for the Heroic Life I wonder how many every-day people it will inspire. I think it’s a very small minority of people who have the material means and personal freedom to take a journey like that; for the rest of us – those of us with families, or who work paycheck-to-paycheck, or who for different reasons don’t enjoy this kind of freedom – I think this journey will inspire somewhat different feelings within them. To use an expression I heard from another blogger whose name I’ve forgotten, “Your minimalist lifestyle is too expensive for me.” Likewise, while I think Mr. Jacob’s heroic journey fits his own path, goals, means, and abilities… his heroic lifestyle is simply out of reach for me (and probably for most of the people I know, too.) I’ll be a little surprised if his heroic journey doesn’t end with a heroic book or movie deal. Sour grapes? Yeah, I guess I’ve got some.

  • Anonymous

    I understand your point about Mr. Jacob having the means and abilities to take his journey. I remember reading “Eat, Pray, Love” and thinking “Well, OF COURSE she found herself and found love, all within a year. What else did she have to do?” But as time has gone on, I feel like anyone who takes a leap of faith can inspire us to take our own leaps of faith — even if our leaps take a very different form.

  • Jocelyne Berengaria Houghton


  • Anonymous

    You caught me. I’m an intellectual lightweight who read “Eat, Pray, Love” several years ago. I read a lot of memoirs — some turn out to be better than others, and it was not one of my favorites. I recently finished a book on ballet history. The math area of my brain has been crowded out by an encyclopedic knowledge of showtunes, I’ve been watching a lot of silent movies lately, and I have a blog where I draw cartoons of food.

    I feel so much better getting that off my chest.

  • Lori Dake

    I hope Drew’s journey is a safe one. The Mexican drug cartels don’t play and have very little regard for innocent people. I hope everyone continues to focus protection for him!

  • Anonymous

    I predict that ‘the Fifth Sacred Thing’ will do for Reclaiming what ‘Atlas Shrugged’ recently did for the Randians.