The wild rose can be a truly positive force in our life, just like so many magickal plants, but what can heal, can also hex… and the rose is no exception. Read more

Plant lilacs around your home to keep at bay those who might intend to do harm. Or place freshly cut stems in a vase as a way to prevent malevolent spirits or entities from hanging around. Read more

May is when I sense their return….The woods are wild again, and the Fae…some of the wildest of the wood. Read more

For many Spring’s arrival brings budding trees, springtime flowers, and warmer, sunny days ahead. A bit diverse from my frozen wood. Read more

Hexing is an ancient art. Often a subject of heated debate, and too often a misunderstood dark art. This hopefully shedding some light on a dark practice. Read more

Hexing….an ancient wild art of conjurings and daemon, an art that is often debated, and misunderstood. Read more

Shadows form its how they play. Keep your wits, and know how to pray… Read more

Shapeshifting is a mysterious and ancient shamanic art, richly steeped in folklore and mysticism. Read more

Elderberries are a wonderful medicinal for cold’s and flu, but they do possess a darker side . . . . Read more

Pine, Blue Spruce, and Holly. Evergreens of winter and holidays indeed, but did you know they have a less known and darker side… Read more

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