Walpurgis Night… Hexennacht in the Wood

Walpurgis Night… Hexennacht in the Wood May 1, 2024

Walpurgis Night, or Hexennacht is the Germanic word for the Witch’s Night. May Day Eve, the night before Beltane when witches, spirits, and demons are thought to roam the night skies. A celebration for the thinning of the veil between the worlds, and the concomitant rise in all our magickal abilities. A gathering at Brocken Mountain, the highest of the Harz Mountains of north central Germany. It is there that bonfires are ablaze, frenzied tantric dances ensue, and the darkest of beings are in attendance…

It has taken me years of diligence to achieve this night’s flight, and the first few were what nightmares are made of. However once mastered, I must say this dark night is by far my favorite.

I don’t actually get on my broom and take flight, in its stead a spectral flight. That in essence is the first hurdle, to be in two places at once, keeping a greater focus on the ghostly realm. If at any time your focus shifts, your back in your body in a heart beat.

I experience the bewitching night in visions, a series of flashing scenes. A sequence of continuous views, some within the dance upon the hill. The bonfire warms my body, and the screeching of diabolical creatures fills my head. I see these creatures and demons, and at times they’ll send visions as well. So another hurdle becomes learning how to decipher, or chance becoming trapped in their web.I feel the fae brushing against me, occasionally pulling or scratching until I take leave by flight. I have visions of new abilities, hear the whispers of plant spirits, and dance with the devil till dawn…

When I return its a time of contemplation, as I sift through it all once again. Then its off to my May Day celebrations, for its Beltane once again.




About Raven Wood
Raven is a traditional witch of Celtic and Germanic roots who is an herbalist, hedge crafter, poisonous plant grower, and planetary alchemist practicing woodland folk magick for over 20 years in her woods of the mid-western United States. She is the owner of "Deep Within the Hollow" a shop of Tarot readings, incense, oils, poppets, and poisons. As well as "Raven's Hedge," a green witch shop of herbal body care, seasonal forest teas, and woodland fare. She has a website “Within a Witches Wood” where you will find her blogs, shop updates, herbal lore, and other writings. Her first book is in the works You can read more about the author here.
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