Tonight I started on my 2012 taxes.  You might think I’m so responsible—after all I’m over a month ahead of deadline!  Butthis year, I’ve hit the natural consequences of not keeping on top of our finances—and I may be lucky to turn in our taxes on time.For the first 8 years of our marriage, Scott took care of all the money—paid the bills, balanced our checkbook, took care of our taxes—and I was completely happy with that arrangement.  After all, I figured he was the one who majored in enginee … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Tiger Mom Failure

Several weeks ago, Ling and I attended our first college application orientation at her high school.  We learned the high school’s policies and heard from 3 local college admissions reps--all very informative and helpful.  And then I lay in bed that night filled with panic that I’ve failed my child by not being the Tiger Mom I should have been.I couldn't help feeling wooed by the lure of helping my child get into an elite college where learning can be amazing, doors can open, networks can be … [Read more...]

How LL Bean Boots Mirror my Marriage

For his first official Christmas present, my soon-to-be fiancé gave me LL Bean snow boots.  Or actually, he gave me a photo of LL Bean snow boots.  The practical type, Scott didn’t want to lug snow boots to and from Hawaii during his “meet the mom and brother” trip.  After Hawaii, we flew to his home state, Maine, where he bought me a pair at the flagship Freeport LL Bean store along with beeswax to waterproof the leather.  If sunshine and Chinese food welcomed Scott to my family, LL Bean boots u … [Read more...]

Should I go to Saudi Arabia?

In April, my husband has the chance to get an all-expense paid trip to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in exchange for giving a talk about health care IT management.  He wants me to go too, mostly so we can spend some alone time together.At first, I thought “Absolutely not!”  My overweening sense of responsibility balked.  After all, it would mean leaving 3 kids home alone (again after my jaunt to Paris in September) and either relying on friends to watch them, or letting them watch themselves.  I also … [Read more...]

What I’ll Never Write About (But Sure Wish I Could)

My 2 teens and Almost Teen

I’m 3 months and 14 days away from mothering 3 official teenagers.Scary.  In 3 months and 14 days, 3 teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 will dwell in my house with their mass of raging hormones, their sheer size, and their budding intellects that increasingly MUST be expressed.Believe it or not, I’ve actually enjoyed parenting teens more than I enjoyed parenting small children.  Folks always say the early years are exhausting physically, the teen years exhausting emotionally, and tha … [Read more...]