4 pounds down in 3 days!

This is why I love the I-diet so much.  When you follow it and don't cheat, it actually works!Livestrong.com, Lance Armstrong's website for health, also helps.  Over the years, I've signed up twice for on-line Weight Watchers  at about $35/month.  I thought that if I paid good money for weight loss help, I'd actually work at weight loss.  That worked the first time I tried, but it took me about 6 months to lose 10 lbs.  The second time it didn't work very … [Read more...]

Gossiping? Who Me?

My friend Helen, who I’ve known for 21 years, lives across the street.  She’s part of my women’s accountability group, her son James is one of Ren’s very best friends, and we swap kid care once a week.Whenever possible, we also like to stand around in each others’ kitchens and chat, often about things we don’t really want our little pitchers (or my increasingly big pitchers) with big ears to hear—so we send them away, which they all hate.  One day, her daughter Abigail said, “I think yo … [Read more...]

After a weekend of Sangria, back on the I-diet

Scott and I are back on the I-diet. Two years ago, I heard Susan Roberts, a Tufts nutrition professor,  talking about her “Instinct Diet” on NPR.  She claimed to take the very best of all scientific research and roll it into one diet.  Now that’s the way to get me—I’m such an academic snob that waving scientific research from a top academic institution makes me trust you.  Also, one of my students went through the Tufts Nutrition Program and not only lost weight, but main … [Read more...]

Family Rehab

“You plan great retreats for InterVarsity, I think it’s time you planned an equally terrific family retreat,” Scott said last week.  Despite my bleary, congested, achy, fevery condition, I thought he was right.As an IT manager, he said our family needs a “re-boot.”As an InterVarsity campus minister, I agreed that our family needs a “retreat.”But Kai-Kai, as she stood at the whiteboard serving as scribe, decided what our family really needs is “rehab.”"White-boarding" our familyI wanted to sp … [Read more...]

The (Almost) End of Birthday Season

Ren at 14 monthsToday Ren-Ren turns 11—Happy Birthday Ren!You may have noticed that I seem to have written a bunch of birthday blogs lately, namely Kai’s birthday, and Ling’s birthday .  That’s what I get for bearing 3 kids all in the spring.  Between March 3 (Scott’s birthday) and May 27 (Ren’s birthday) all 5 of us, plus 3 grandparents and an uncle were born.Despite today being the last birthday, birthday season isn’t over yet.  We don’t even have a date for Ren’s party—with Ling … [Read more...]

Why can’t Moms get sick?

I’m sick.  After boasting about how I rarely get sick here in "I'm torturing my kids", I have now caught a terrible cold with aches, pains, rivers of snot and sore throat.I blame it all on Ren, who insisted on jumping in our pool this past weekend when it was 60 degrees.  He said he wanted to be the first to jump in, so even though I pointed out that 5 minutes at 55 degrees means death from hypothermia, he was undeterred.  (And yes, we own an inground vinyl swimming pool—why N … [Read more...]

Dang! I did (or didn’t) do it again!

(A follow up to yesterday's post Practicing for the SATs)I just took today's SAT question of the day:If x + 2x is 5 more than y + 2y, then x-y=a.   -5b.  -5/3c.  3/5d.  5/3e.  5It's basic algebra (and a word problem) and I still got it wrong. . . twice!!  I seriously need some math remediation.Last night Ling and I went to the high school to the PSAT prep session where she could pick up her scores from her practice test and get pointers on how to take standardized … [Read more...]

Practicing for the SATs

I’ve previously confessed that I’m a personality test junkie.  Who knew I’d become an SAT junkie as well?A month ago, the high school sent out an invitation for a PSAT prep session along with all the good reasons our student might want to take it.  Even though Ling’s only a freshman, the reasons seemed compelling enough that I forwarded the e-mail to Scott and Ling, and all 3 of us decided to go ahead.We had to go to the Kaplan site to register for the prep session. I’m convinced Kaplan … [Read more...]