Recipe Index And Portuguese Bean Soup

For months now, ever since I used Word Press to publish the Boston Faculty Fellowship website (I don't know how to create websites.  I do know how to blog.  Hence a blog as a website!) I've bemoaned that I couldn't create separate pages on blogspot.I really needed separate pages so I could index the recipes I publish.  I'm not sure any of you care about my recipes, but I do, and I wanted a quick way to find them!So lo and behold, I happened to look on the toolbar yesterday, and … [Read more...]

Reflections on Tiger Moms, a year later

Years ago, my Indian-American friend, the mother of a toddler, said she wanted her daughter to grow up knowing herself, her own desires and experiencing a secure identity rather than the foreboding that the only way she could ever succeed in life was to be a doctor.“Yeah. . .” I said, trying to sound healthy and wise.  Pause.  “But I also want my kids to be smart.”She laughed because she knew.She knew academic achievement was the #1 god in my family growing up.  OK, maybe … [Read more...]


Happy New Year!  I haven't blogged much because 1) I've been on vacation and 2) I've been binging.  Not on all the treats that've surrounded me the past month but on young adult novels.It started right before Christmas when Kai-Kai raved about Sarah Dessen books. She gave me a list she wanted for Christmas. "That won't happen." I said."Why?????""Because you know I don't believe in buying books--order them from the library." So she did, and brought me her favorite The Truth About … [Read more...]

New Year’s Transformations instead of Resolutions

With trepidation I stepped on the scale this morning and sure enough, learned that I’ve gained 4 pounds in the past five days.  That’s what I get for feasting with 33 of my relatives over Christmas as we celebrated my uncle and aunt’s 50th wedding anniversary.Like so many others, my New Year’s resolutions should include losing 10 lbs and exercising more in 2012.  Yet after spending 5 days with 3 generations ranging in age from 7 months to 79, I’m struck by how much more than New Ye … [Read more...]

Why Santa Comes to our Home and Brings my Kids Crap

Back in 2004, my first-grade daughter had to write a “book” on famous people for homework.  She threw the papers on the kitchen floor and wailed, “I can’t do this!  I don’t know any famous people.”The 2004 election was just weeks away so I said, “There’s John Kerry or George Bush.”“I don’t WANT to do George Bush!”  She stomped out of the room.Awhile later, she came back happy.  “I figured it out.  I can do Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy, and Mickey Mouse.”“Do the famous … [Read more...]

Tricks to Slow Me down, even as I need to Step it Up

"Slow down!"  Ren whined as we walked the mile downtown."Nope, I got to walk fast--this is my exercise for today." I picked up the pace even more.Thursday was my physical.  Can you believe my PCP called me on a Saturday to chastise me for being overdue on my physical, mammogram, and pap smear?  I warned her as soon as I walked in that I've put on weight in the past 2 months.  She even let me strip naked.  But there I was--3 pounds heavier naked than a year ago clothed. … [Read more...]

Almond Macaroons and the Curse of a Tradition

Someone else's macaroons, butthis is what the plain ones look likeI have a special cookie--do you?Every Christmas for the past 15 years, I've baked Almond Macaroons, a recipe from Cook's Illustrated.  I make them 3 ways--plain, fudge and sometimes pine-nut crusted.  These cookies are actually relatively healthy because their only ingredients are almonds, sugar, egg whites & almond extract (plus cocoa powder for the fudge ones and pine-nuts for the pine-nut crusted.)The funny thing … [Read more...]

Singing the Down on Myself Blues

“I’m feeling sad,” I said to my 13 year old daughter when she asked why I heaved a deep sigh.“Why are you feeling sad?”“Because I feel like a failure as a daughter and a mother.”I had just dropped my parents off at the airport.  Even though I wanted them to come, even though I miss them terribly when they’re in Hawaii and I’m in Boston, even though a good Chinese daughter should selflessly serve her parents and declare there’s always room for family. . .It’s been a tough four weeks.You can’t … [Read more...]