Why I Got Soap in my Mouth Yesterday

Yesterday I got soap in my mouth.It’s been rough around here lately.  Between too many activities, squeezing my parents for 4 weeks into a house that already felt slightly too tight, and the general emotional chaos of raising a 15, 13 and 11 year old, the words that have been flying in our house are way too salty and way too rude.Of course, apples don’t fall far from the tree, so what should I expect?Sometime in my own tweenhood, I paged through my baby book, a white cracking leather album t … [Read more...]

God in the Disguises

Today in my Richard Rohr Daily Reading that comes via email, Rohr quotes Paula D’Arcy God comes to us disguised as our life.Hmmm.  That's deep.  He quoted D'Arcy as he reflected on Mary:The events of life are themselves Mary’s guide and teacher. She does not need to figure it out and plan accordingly; the plan will be given by God through life’s ordinary events and encounters. Reality itself is her teacher. That is why she could hear angels. And that is why she … [Read more...]

Post-Weekend Away, Thanksgiving and Christmas Party Blues

As of this morning, I'm the fattest I've been at any time of my life other than when pregnant.What's sadder is that several of my friends have heard me make that same statement about 6 times in the past month as the scale kept inching higher in .2 increments.What's even sadder is that the culprit was one wonderful weekend alone with my husband and a slowing metabolism that needs about one lettuce leaf a day to survive. And I hardly gorged compared to how much gorging was possible!  Scott … [Read more...]

Welcoming Advent or the Necessity of Cheap Chocolate

“It’s so unfair, how come the Advent chocolate calendar doesn’t start on the first day of Advent?” one of my kids whined.  “And how come you’re too cheap to buy the Whole Foods calendar instead of the Trader Joes one?”What I wish our Advent wreath looked likeAdvent, the season of waiting for the coming of God, officially began this past Sunday on November 27th.  I’m thrilled because this year’s the longest Advent season possible with Christmas on a Sunday.  But my kids had to go ch … [Read more...]

Thanks for what?

This Thanksgiving we tried a new tradition.  Our friends Jeff and Tara created a practice where everyone goes around the table and shares their past year's worst thing.  Each sharing is followed by everyone raising their glass and saying, "Praise God!"  (to read Tara's fuller explanation, read here)I wanted to try their ritual because I feel like I'm raising 3 entitled brats, kids who think there's no God who loves them or justice in the world because they don't own a summer home, … [Read more...]

The Show must go on. . . even if your Pants are Falling Down!

"I think Ren's losing his pants," whispered Scott as we watched Annie Get Your Gun for the 2nd time in one weekend.I looked over to my boy dancing on stage and sure enough he was grasping his pants with one hand while trying to wave his other in unison with everyone else while singing "I got the sun in the morning and the moon at night."In horror, we watched as he'd let go, raise his arms, and then quickly shoot his hands down again to yank up his pants.But give my boy credit.  He kept … [Read more...]

Our Saga towards a Black Belt

This past weekend was momentous--Kai and Ren in 4 shows of Annie Get Your Gun and Ren's black belt test.  Tonight I'm going to write about the latter.Tae kwon do has been, to put it mildly, a battle. If I've been a Tiger Mom in any sphere, tae kwon do is probably it.   I've pressured him.  I've forced him to do it.  I've made my son cry.  My mother, who doesn't believe in bribing kids for anything, has bribed him with $50 for the red and brown belts with a bonanza … [Read more...]

Chinese Thanksgiving, Hawaiian Style

It's Thursday, so this post is published on Patheos.  Click here to read it!29 years ago Mama burst into tears at our dinner table. “This is our last Thanksgiving together as a family.”I rolled my eyes as only mature 17 year old seniors can, “Oh Mom. . .”But she was right.I haven’t spent Thanksgiving with my parents since then. . . until now.  My parents flew in from Honolulu this morning.So much has changed.Growing up, Mama called us orphans because we had no extended family in Ha … [Read more...]