Why my Thighs won’t be in our Christmas Picture This Year

Well frankly, all you ladies know exactly why, and most of you gents as well.Last night I checked my yahoo account where I do all consumer transactions so I don't get junk in my work/personal email account.  And I saw that Shutterfly's 40% off sale on Christmas cards ends TODAY.  Now that's extremely annoying because I'd been watching for Shutterfly to announce its sale so I could know when to make our Christmas cards.  But either I missed it, or they are marketing so that poor … [Read more...]

Ma mere, Kathy

Kai-Kai has a family album project due tomorrow and just showed it to me. Here's what she wrote about me (without the accent marks because I don't know how to put them in the text)Voila ma mere. Elle s'appelle Kathy.   Elle a 46 ans.  Elle est la femme de Scott.  Elle est petite.  Elle n'est pas grosse.  Elle est brune foncee.  Elle a les yeux bruns.  Elle est penible, mais elle est intelligente.  Elle adore fair les magasins et manger au restaurant. … [Read more...]

Jesus and the Helicopter Mom

On Monday, I led our church’s Mom-to-Mom group through a Bible study on the helicopter mom of the Bible.  Guess who?No, not Rebekah, the mother of Esau and Jacob—she sure helicoptered, but she also was so dysfunctional with her strong preference for one son and scheming against the other that I didn’t think she was very helpful.IMHO, the helicopter mom of the Bible is (drum roll please. . .) Salome, the mother of the disciples James and John, the wife of a prosperous fisherman, Zebedee, and … [Read more...]

Rookie of the Year!

Last night Scott and I made a point of attending the swim team banquet with Ling-Ling .  We both missed her Foreign Language Award ceremony last spring because we of work commitments.  Ling had said it was OK, that she wasn't getting any special awards so it wasn't a big deal, but then came home saying, "Um, I think you guys should have come, I was the only kid who had no parents there."(Let me just pause to stab myself in the heart.)Swim team has been a bit of a saga (read about it … [Read more...]

The Help was so good–why can’t I remember it?

2 weekends ago, all 3 kids went on a church retreat which meant Scott and I were alone [raucous cheering and whooping].  I enjoyed many blissful activities including several hours each day to read.  I dug into Ling's banned books (click here to read about that). All day Sunday I re-read The Help, which I had read a couple years ago.  It's just my kind of book--chronicling the stories of Black maids in Mississippi in the 1960s.  Even though there's been … [Read more...]

The Pleasure of a Banned Book

A week ago, I took away Ling's library books, banning her from reading them.Growing up, I read whatever I wanted.  Mama, believing that nothing led to academic success more than avid reading, censored nothing.  So I read everything, including junk. I read literary junk--Harlequin and Regency romances, soon learning that reading the last chapter of each book while standing by the rack at the library gave me everything I needed to know including the satisfying romantic conclusion. I read … [Read more...]

What’s so bad about FUGGs?

"Today was a good day," Kai-Kai said when I picked her up from play rehearsal, "Today was a gold medal day!""Wonderful!" said I, imagining a 100% on a test, an A+ on an essay, or maybe even a lab project with a big gold star plastered on the "good work" board, "What made it so great?""Today I had my brand new Uggs, my Northface jacket and my LL Bean backpack.  Finally the exact right pieces for school."Hmmm. For those of you who either live in sunny Hawaii/CA or under a rock so are unaware … [Read more...]

Kicked out of Trick-or-Treating

Last night I was excluded from trick-or-treating. As has been our tradition for many years, we had folks over for chili (click here for my world-famous recipe), sweet potato cake and ginger molasses cookies.  My goal?  Shove healthy food into kids before they dive into their candy bonanza.  It hasn't worked for the 12 years we've been doing this, but I'm always one to keep trying strategies that are proven failures.  As Scott loves to quote to me in so much of our parenting, … [Read more...]