The Way to my Heart is Through my Feet

A couple nights ago, Kai-Kai came into our bedroom after Scott and I had both settled in for pre-bedtime reading.  She took one look at me ensconced on my pillows with Entertainment Weekly (my favorite guilty read thanks to expiring airline miles), and knew I would be in no mood to chat."Hi Mom," she said with a smile, "Do you want me to rub your feet?"I looked at her, disbelieving, but sat up a little and said, "Sure!"She grabbed the Peppermint Cooling Foot Rescue Treatment off my … [Read more...]

Why am I the bad cop?

It was a rough weekend.At one point, after a day of bickering and wrangling with 2 out of 3 kids, one of them went up to Scott, hugged him, and said, "Good night Dad, I love you!" and stalked off ignoring me."Why do I get to be the bad parent?" I demanded. Meanwhile, the other kid kept referring to me as "she," as in "SHE is making my life miserable.""Don't call your mother 'she,' that's disrespectful," said my dear husband."Well SHE deserves it."He spoke strongly with that child who finally … [Read more...]

Glad to know SOMEONE felt better

2 days ago, as I chit-chatted with a friend before our faculty leaders meeting, he said, "On Sunday I saw Scott picking up your girls from youth group.  They raced to the car, pushing and shoving, competing for the front seat.  Then the one who lost punched the winner."He laughed heartily."Wow, great. . ." I said.He chuckled, "It just made me feel so good!  We're not the only parents with kids who act like that."As the father of 4 girls, he should know.  He added, "Of course, … [Read more...]

The Blessing (and Curse) of Chinese Hospitality

2 summers ago, when we spent a month in China working with a house church, the leaders showered us with hospitality.  They took us to the famous pearl market, treated us to lavish Chinese banquets, took us to see pandas at the zoo, and our last night, hosted us in their home for yet another sumptuous Chinese meal.As the house church pastor said, "In China, we show hospitality by taking our friends to the very best Chinese restaurants.  In America, you show hospitality by having people … [Read more...]

i don wan 2 talk 2 u. U no y

While I was in Chicago last week on a business trip, here's the communication that happened between me and a child throughout Tuesday:1 p.m.Child (on cell phone):  Hi Mom, I got a D+ on my history exam.Me:  You need to talk to your teacher.(Much argument while I'm standing in the hallway about to go into the meeting so I can lead worship)3:57 p.m.  My phone rings during someone's talk--I hastily scramble in my briefcase, looking for the phone so I can turn it off.Me (text): … [Read more...]

The Proof of My Love

Last week Thursday, the day before my biggest work weekend of the year, the day before 201 students traveled up to NH for our gigantic Fall Retreat that I direct, the hours I should have been figuring out how to stuff 30 extra students into housing and supporting my staff as they bombarded me with questions and emails, what was I doing?Driving 20 minutes to the Burlington Barnes and Nobles to buy 3 copies of The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan.Here's the backstory:4 summers ago, Ling … [Read more...]

Boy Parts vs. Girl Parts–More on Gender and Justice

All right, I know what you thought I was going to write on. . . but. . .On Thursday, Kai-Kai called me at 5:30 with the great news, "Ren got Little Jake!"  Little Jake is Annie (in Annie Get Your Gun)'s little brother.  It's probably the best role he, as a 6th grader, could have gotten."Wow!" I said.  "What did you get?""Frieda, Wilson's wife, it's an OK part, but Ren got Little Jake!"Later, when they got home, Ren was exultant.  "I've got 23 lines!  Kai has 17."My two … [Read more...]

Mike Chang, Glee and The Asian “F”

Tonight was a good night for Asian-Americans and Gleeks. Thousands of us heaved a big sigh as Mike Chang, played by Harry Shum Jr., aka as "The Asian Guy"  finally not only got his own story line, but sang two whole solos including the whole song "Cool" from West Side Story--one of my most favorite songs!Boy, boy, crazy boy, Get cool, boy! Got a rocket in your pocket, Keep coolly cool, boy! I admit it, my whole life I've always looked out for whatever Asian actor or … [Read more...]