Dear ones Christmas is a much anticipated time for the world.  As described around the world as a day of peace.  Some dread Christmas and holidays, and some are very excited to share.  As a child most of you were excited for this day.  And like a child that is expecting a gift on Christmas day, you too should wake up every morning and expect a gift of love, laughter, peace, and abundance.  That same expectation you had for Santa is the same feeling you should have for each day.  What will Spirit bring you today? What miracles will come? That is what you want to see deep down inside of your self.  You are looking for a miracle, a healing, to happen. So today expect it.  Forget where it might be coming from. Just expect a healing or miracle.  Expect love in your life.  In this time some of you choose to dwell on being alone, but know you are never alone.  So talk to us about what you are asking for. We will help. Ask to see your life as a miracle. Ask to be healed. Ask to see your life differently. Ask as you know, and it will be brought forth.  Now as a child when you really wanted something, your feelings were up leveled, heightened, and very excited. That same type of feeling must be the true place of your asking. Anticipate that the miracle is here now. Anticipate your healing.  You are children of love.  Over Christmas and this holiday season, pray for your selves and the world. See pink and gold light as you, and place it over the globe. You are each powerful conduits of love and when you place your attention on love, miracles, healing they  happen.  So surprise yourself.  Ask to see your life today from love. To see others from love.  To see family and friends and strangers from love.  Your work has been very hard. You have worked hard to create fear, now create love.

Mary giver of life

I ask you for protection and love now

I ask for complete forgiveness for the conditions I created in my life

That brought about disharmony both in me and others

I ask that today I see the Christ light in myself and others

I ask to see the love in my heart, and express it without thought

I ask to give and be of service

And I ask for your guidance in every place in my life today

And that my birth from today comes with ease and gentleness

Love and kindness.

Dear ones I am with you now. Call on me. I love you all as my own children and want you to come back home.  You will not be judged, nor will anyone.

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