December 21st: Love Letter

Dear blessed ones. We are emerging back to our perfect state of being. Which is to say love. Love a is a powerful tool for each you to use now. The way in which you could change the world  is by going into a perfect state of love which is simply to be.  Being sounds to hard for many of you when the outside world is constantly moving and doing.  But dear ones may I suggest that a new way is emerging on this planet.  The way in which you are meant to live. The way in which you have always been. Sweet nurtures of light you have been coming to this moment for so long. Some of you have come back to experience this new creative period.  That each of you are creators and it is time to create from a more natural place within yourselves called love.  Love is simply to be with right now.  As mentioned earlier, to be is exhausting for some of you.  Feel into the present.  Use your senses to be there and then allow the presence to take you deeper.  The outside world is only being used for you to recognize that you are love.  The outside must  fall away to bring you inside. Inside is where you belong.  Your controls are there. From there you can talk to the holy spirit.  Devote yourself to it and love it.   The more you can be present with the emerging love that is in you, the more you can come to realize the power of love, the power of life itself, the power of change, and the power of all that is.  There is nothing you can own on this planet. So I ask you to share it all. For none of it is yours. You know that. Remember there is no secrets in this universe. If you or anyone is hiding anything from anyone at this time, it will be revealed.  So you might as well stop hiding from yourself.  You are love.  Your breath is not yours but for a short time, your thoughts are not yours but for a short time, and so love, love, love, love.  And give sweet lovers, give it all. Let your day start with opportunity and intention to be fully loving all day.   If someone gives you anger, you choose to give love.  If someone gives you support, you give them thanksgiving.  Your position in life is simple and yet you are making very hard yourselves. BE LOVE. Then you will hear the guidance of what to do.  You are working very hard to change yourself. Come into love. Just come in. This is not a riddle to be solved, just recognized fully.  Love is what I am. Anything else in appearance is false.  It is like watching an actor play a part, but the actor in front of you is apart from itself at the moment.  Big deal. They will find their way. Your place is to be and be love only.  There is nothing to fix in perfection. Just accept your love and let me love you. Come home. The door is open. I know it has been scary out there but come home and you will see it was all a dream, made up by you.

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