The Story Of Love

Dear Ones, Christmas is upon us. Let me remind you that during this time of giving and receiving there is a simple message of love. Before you decided to come back into to human form and complete some promises you wanted manifested, you came from unconditional love. Pure love. Now in human form you are reminding yourself that what you fear is simply the unknown.  The unknown that you are fearing is the unexamined you. So when you feel fear rather than run and hide, ask yourself, what is this fear guiding me to look at it? Then you will see that the fear was unreal.  It simply was an unexamined thought about what isn’t. When awareness is put on the fear itself, it will reconnect you with God. It will reconnect you with love, then you will loosen up and laugh more at that which was scaring you into a nightmare of the unexamined life.  Again, as I have said to each of you, fear means lack of love. So by looking at the fear for what it is, you will discover that it is teaching you love. When your child wakes up from a nightmare and is scared and crying, you comfort them and tell them it is not real. I am telling you now, your fear is not real.  Look at it, and ask it, talk to it, “What love is here now that I am not seeing? What is known here that I am covering up with my disbelief?”. You are each built in the highest and greatest idea. You are all equal. There is nothing more or less than you. Believe me dear ones when I say, LOVE IS REAL. You can confront your fear or you can comfort it gently like a parent to a child and say, “THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR, LOVE IS BIGGER THAN THIS.” Let this day open you up to the biggest mystery called love. Give your love freely and freely give, the rewards are and will be incredible.  Enjoy this day and no longer let fear stop you from living. Remember it is showing a side you are running from. You are safe dear child, call me, you are safe.

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