Message from Gabriel Part 1

Message from Gabriel Part 1 January 13, 2011

Dear ones, Gabriel has a lot to say and I am inviting him to dialogue with David. This is powerful, so please read slowly.


David: Hello Gabriel.

Gabriel: Hello David.

David: Many people are tired. Tired of Knowing the intellectual idea of God and now they want to experience it in their hearts. They want to know their hearts.  What can I share with them?

Gabriel: The idea of God is what is confusing them.  It is like having an idea of your life partner.  You tend to cut off all the rest and hold on to the idea of God. Look at the essence of a life partner.  Here is the idea you have, a concept of someone, and yet you cut the heart out of it and dwell in the intellect.  You were given this idea about In Tell.  There is too much focus on INTELLIGENCE and not enough focused on heart.  Your heart is a transmitter of god.  Now in your society, there is language, and language is the great divider, it’s why you have war. Now God communicates to you through the heart and yet with your language, you say, “Well so and so lost love because they followed their heart and not their mind.” First LOVE can never be lost.  That is the first of several mistakes made by the mind.  Secondly, love is who you are. Not the idea of love to fill a void, not a concept, religion, faith, or drama, but love is who you are.  That love can only be found in one place and one place only God. When you love God as yourself, then you will love all.

David: Now Gabriel, the word God brings up issues with many people. Can you define God?

Gabriel: Sure. Your heart holds the key for love and love is bigger than a concept. God cannot be defined in language. God is a word given to that, which is all that there is.   I could tell you about a beautiful tree. The tree is strongly rooted in the ground, big, lush, and loves light, and yet I would be telling you about an experience I had.  But you couldn’t grasp the experience until you saw the tree. My point to your question is that God is an experience and once it is met then all is well again.

David: So the heart is an experience that needs to be met.

Gabriel: Yes. Right where it is. Fully.

David: How do I meet it then?

Gabriel: Through awareness, practice, self trust, feelings, sensations, and laughter.

David: Laughter?


Gabriel: Yes. You have turned God into a passion play with your dogma’s, rules, isolation, caves, and by doing this, you have limited your experience within God. You are important each one of you, the more you become aware of God, the more conscious God becomes as you.  With that consciousness, another light turns on.  You have played in the field of INTELLIGENCE way too much. You have mastered nothing accept other peoples knowledge of their experience with the divine. Their experience is hard to explain to anyone but stories are very useful on the experience.

David: What stories can I tell?

Gabriel: I like the caterpillar one.  It is powerful and new.  Talk about a baby bird and how it flies.  Speak of practice.

David: Practice?

Gabriel: Yes your life is a practice.

David: What am I practicing Gabriel?

Gabriel: Freedom from everything. There is not one way to achieve this.  Man- made laws are for the ignorant, the Ten Commandments were basic laws for the people.  They are the same rules you should teach your kids and follow yourself.  See most people teach their kids rules, laws, and how to confine themselves. They teach them that if there is no noise then they won’t be safe.  As spiritual beings you know right from wrong, good and bad. When you are born, you are bliss filled, and you speak your mind and yet adults have different plans. They are confined and want to confine you as well.  Every child should learn importance of listening to stillness within and with out.  And when I speak of children, I include you too. For you are a child of God.

David: What does that mean, child of God?

Gabriel:  When you awaken into your heart, you become innocent again. That innocence is like a child.  Not ignorant, powerless, or stupid, but innocent.  A person attached to their mind will find this threatening.  But once you understand this in your heart again, you will do nothing more to attain the kingdom of God. For you will have found it, in your heart.

David: So rules will not get you there?

Gabriel: The rules I am referring to are man made rules.

David: Won’t there be chaos, anarchy, and riots?

Gabriel: Let me explain myself again.  When you born into this life, you were everything and everything was you. When something or someone didn’t feel right, you became defiant, and made your opinion known, with a quick NO or STOP IT. The adult world in its sleep couldn’t understand this, so it felt threatened by you. So it told you not to talk back.  It was then you became confused. You were trusting yourself and now you were being told not too.  This practice continued till you broke and felt it would be better to be lost than found.  The adults became the masters and you became obedient. Now before all of this happened you were love. In love there is no rules accept inclusiveness.  Love doesn’t exclude anyone. Love when fully engaged plays fair, trusts, feels, has natural boundaries, loves being, and taking action, but that action includes all. It does not harm, is not violent, or manipulates.  That is spiritual law.  Since most people are asleep, the Ten Commandments were put in place to help the masses wake up a little bit. Get them on course.  Now since man separated itself from itself, it needed rules to control itself and protect itself from itself. Those rules came into play because man discovered POWER. But the power was based on separation and deep sleep.  Arrogance is the leading the factor in most separation.  Arrogance is the feeling that you have something that nobody else has and at anytime you could take it away from them or they can take it from you, it is the very root of separation.

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