Dear ones, I have birthed you to be loving and ethical with each other.  I have taught you to love one another as yourself.  And yet you still play dirty.  Then some of you ask for spiritual power and yet you don’t deserve any power. Your inner house is dirty, it needs to be cleaned up.  I have taught you manners and yet you eat like wolves, savoring nothing, being thankful for nothing, and yet you plead for more. I didn’t raise you to cheat, gossip, lie, steal, kill, shame on you.  You have not been listening.  Love. If you have lied, clean it up, or go back into your inner room and contemplate what you have done.  Cheating has never been thought well of. There is no excuse to cheat on another, lie to each other, and talk bad about each other.  You are being children, it is time to grow up. I am your blessed mother.  You are my children.  Who cares what others are doing to you. You are my children, listen, be ethical, go beyond the rational mind and listen with your hearts. Speak with your heart and act from there.  You are brother and sisters. Now apologies to one another. No more of this non sense.  STOP BEING RIGHT AND MAKING OTHER WRONG. You are both wrong, because you are not listening with your heart.  I am looking for my children to be ethical, moral, and loving to God and others.  Do it NOW, do not wait.

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