It can be…difficult sometimes

So it can be difficult sometimes right? Let us just be with it.  We would like it to be or we would like to be, but every once in a while it seems to want to be how it is. Even in the growth, we are invited to be thankful. Thankful for what is. Because what looks difficult, challenging, confusing, is really our boundaries being stirred up in consciousness. Which is good. Because it is time for us to open up to who we really are.  Realize that nobody can save us, nobody has power over us, nobody owns or controls love. Nobody controls you, has power over you, can abuse you, torment you, or any other nonsense.  And yet it feels like that is happening sometimes to all of us in one fashion or another.

I feel like it is important to share our experience. When I was younger, I used to be, still am to a certain sense,  highly sensitive to sound, peoples voices, loud music, and my family would feel embarassed, announcing, “David doesn’t talk and will cry if noise is too loud. Very sensitive.”  That led to me sitting for hours on end, singing on my swing. Now I was always pictured angels around me, and they would sit on the fence and listen to me make up songs, and sing anything.  Later I would join the choir at church, sing in small groups, which led me into the arts as an actor, and although girls and acting took my time, I loved to sing.  When I was twenty years of age, I returned from travel across the country in the musical TOM SAWYER.  I was offered a part in a musical. But the character sang baratone.  They hired a man from the SF opera house to work with me. I never hit that low and felt very discouraged by my voice, he kept telling me I couldn’t sing. What he meant to say was I couldn’t sing low. I was a natural second Tenor.  After three weeks of rehearsal and nothing go right with the song. They asked me to just speak it. They said I couldn’t sing.  From that point on, I told people I couldn’t sing, carry a note, hear a note, etc…I took someones story of their own discouragement and made it my life story.

This discovery was made just about a month ago.  I was with my 4 year old daughter, and I started to sing to her.  She asked me to sing again. I said, “Sure”.  From my mouth came the greatest discovery, a tone. Known as a divine tone came out.  It scared me. My daughter loved it.  She asked me to do it again. I did.  For the past month, where ever we go, she has me do it. She told me angels sing like that. I smile. Maybe it is angels whispering their encouragement in my heart.

I asked myself, “Why did I stop singing?” That story about the rehearsal came forward. I write this to you, to let you know, you have a voice, no matter what anyone tries to tell you otherwise. You have a voice and you matter.  I just re-discovered mine.  Now you are it.

Personality means “personal sound”. Each of us has our own unique sound. How beautiful is that. How wonderful are you! You are awesome, because you are! Love you! It feels good to discover again…thank you to my biggest teacher…my daughter.

Thank you to those of you who read this sharing. May the angels carry your voices across the seas of love and away from the doubt of others.

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