Run Forest Run

There is nothing new that be explained about the universe, which deep down inside can not be withheld from itself.  There is nothing to be added, there is nothing to be taken away, there is no such thing as competition, comparing, the other, separation, shadows, all the rest it, but all them when met will allow their falseness to disappear.

So for years this false identity has spoken up, “Excuse ME?”  And it rest here and ends here.  Call it what you will, in fact call it will. But what it is called doesn’t matter, if you decide to call it EGO, smallness, little self, etc…give it a fancy name, catchy phrases, Easing God Out…then the real study begins.  Time to meet it and see what it is. What is this “me”, “you”, “I”?  Find out. And it is in the finding that there was nothing ever there. But first you must meet it.

The story of Forest Gump is a story of the simple. The character loses Jenny. A girl he was in love with, chooses to not stick around.  He is confused so he starts to run. Well for the next year or so he runs all over the country and back again. It is in the Grand Canyon we find him running with a group following him. All them running.  Then Forest stops and says, “I am tired, I think I am going to go home now.” The group is lost, confused, and asks, “Now what are we going to do?” That is life. This practice is not about running. It is quite the opposite.  Being with it all fully. When the call comes, your friends, family will begin to exit the stage.

Most people are very good runners in life. When they find me, they are ready to stop, they have had enough, and just want be with it all. That is challenging.  I used to be a good runner, now I am a good listener. The listening is all that is done. Speaking is just wind coming through the mouth, sometimes what comes out is hot air, sometimes cold, and sometimes the mouth stays shut, because it helps everyone. Right?

Most of us have been running for so long, that we simple forgot why we are running.

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