Self Control

Holidays are coming up rather quickly.  The wonderful thing about holidays is the practice ground it gives you to have and sense your self-control.

The self control I am talking about has nothing to do with will, work, or trying. Can you simply be present with family without getting caught in the drama, story, or chaos? And if you do, can you be aware in that space of the feelings that have  caught you, it feels like a hook. You feel angry, blame comes up, complaining, gossip, judging, and participating in lower vibrations.  The wonderful thing about practicing the presence is that it is a practice.  So you can always start over again.  You become aware of an upset with a family member, and aware that you are now arguing with them, and that is it. Now you are aware of it all.  Then see for yourself what happens from there.  By becoming aware of the space you are in, can you then become aware of the words coming out of your mouth.  Can you?

Can you stop yourself from leaving the conversation in anger and going to eat, drink, smoke, gossip, and all the rest of it? Self control is awareness of what is, and allowing all to unfold as it is. Your only responsibility is on your actions, how you use the word, and that is it. You are not there to convert, change, fix, judge, explain yourself, or make someone wrong, or lower than you. Doesn’t that feel peaceful.  The only thing you have is yourself to be accountable for.   And your only eraser is forgiveness and love.  FOR-GIVE, that person is giving you a chance to learn what hooks you. When you are aware of it, that is the gift. Nothing to change, fix, or do ten steps to recovery. Just be aware of what is happening within you and outside.  And if you get upset, be with it, then apologize and start over.  Easy breezy…now you try it. Remember it is only practice, there is no right or wrong in it. Because there no right and wrong now.

I like this line from LET IT BE, “Mother Mary comes to me and says, “Let it be.” Can you let life be? It sounds simple right? Well that can be the challenge. We take the simple and make it a challenge.  Carry this practice with you, every where you go. And remember that love, peace, joy, laughter, humor, kindness, etc…are FREE.  What a relief 🙂


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