Pink Nails

Having a 4 year old daughter is quite heart opening and amazing.  She is the teacher I go to. On Sunday morning I brought her to my talk. We painted her nails pink, her favorite color.  She was excited.  She packed her little purse and told me she loved me as we left.  That night, she had an idea, “Dad I have an idea, why don’t I paint your nails and we can show Gina (Her school teacher).” So I sat down. She painted. Mostly on the nail. It is all new to me. But I figured she has to learn sometime, so why not practice.  When I dropped her off, she ran to the school door and showed her teacher her nails exclaiming, “Look at my nails, my dad painted them, aren’t they beautiful.”  Then announced, “Dad show her your nails”. On cue I did, her teachers face was shocked, then smiled, I looked at my daughter and she was so happy. So I announced to her teacher, “Aren’t they beautiful, Harper is such a good nail painter.” Then Harper said, “I love you Dad.” As she beamed. I smiled and my heart was open. Tears fell down in joy.  Love you

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