Sabbatical of Silence (SOS)

I invite you to give yourself a little SOS.  Find one day and one day only where you have complete silence, and tell your friends you are giving yourself a sabbatical of silence. No Facebook, TV, FILM, Radio, cell, work, family, friends, etc.. 

With this invitation comes a deeper understanding of you.  You create the rules, its your sabbatical. For example, maybe you sit in meditation for an hour and go to the beach and sit in silence for a couple hours, or a park. Just be still with yourself and God.  This is for you, a gift that you give to you.  Drink water. Journal.  Cry, heal, but simply be present with you. Clean your house in silence. Do the dishes, wash, everything in silence.  Take baths, showers, in silence.  Have fun with it!!

– Be with yourself




-Gain Wisdom

That is my opportunity for you on this beautiful day.  Love, love, love


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