You Don’t Own God

I had the chance to listen to three people debate on God.  One believed strongly that his God was this way, and the other believed his God saw things another way, and then another gentlemen threw in the mix, “I don’t believe in God,”  that is when I laughed.  It came like a flash, “you don’t own God”.”  God isn’t a belief, as you can see belief is separation and it doesn’t feel like it is about belief. It feels like most debates with people on God are based on ownership. With ownership comes rules. That is probably why most people are turned off by organized religion because it takes ownership on the omnipresence and declares their side is right.  That doesn’t feel like a loving presence. If there is one thing most mystic’s have uncovered is that God is love.  That feels like God loves everyone, which it feels like that was the point of Jesus and Buddha’s teachings. Love no matter what. If someone isn’t loving, then forgive and move on.  But you know God, this presence which is everywhere is right where you are and the person is as well.  Discovering this presence is a personal journey. The OUR FATHER is amazing when you can remove the religion from it.  Just meditate on the words OUR FATHER. It doesn’t suggest your father and not mine, it doesn’t say believe in me or else, it asks you to remember that we are one, to understand, bring wisdom to this OUR FATHER. If the word father rubs you wrong then put in LOVE.

TODAY MEDITATE ON: OUR FATHER, just allow the words to be and contemplate them in your heart.

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