Heart Workers

A young woman was planting seeds for her garden.  As she was planting the seeds, she heard the birds whistling. She continued to look down and plant, and yet more birds whistled and sang.  She was so moved by the birds she looked up, it was then she saw the sun. The sun was rising up. The beauty of the sun captivated her, as the suns rays spread across the trees, the land, and finally filling the birds up with sun light.  She watched as the birds stopped singing once the sun rays hit them.  She was moved by the sun bath they were taking.  The birds were so happy in the sun light.  She noticed all of nature was happy being in the presence of the sun.

She also recognized that she was not happy being in the sun. She didn’t like the light. She remembered people who were so kind to her, who valued her, who loved her as she was, and she also remembered how hard she worked to run from them. How hard she worked to judge their kindness. And now watching the birds embrace and receive the light moved her to tears. She could no longer run from the light, it was to much work to run and chase, it was then she decided to receive it.

Calling the birds who sang heart workers.  Are you a heart worker? Do you bring light when there appears to be none? Do you receive the light from others or do you run?

Today be a heart worker. PASS THIS ON


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