Your Resurrection

We enter the last week of Lent, reflecting on our own inward journey, how we have treated ourselves, others, and most importantly solitude. The solitude is a deep listening to the stillness.  When the disciples asked Jesus, “how do you pray?”, he explained that you close your eyes and listen.  This type of preparation is the way in which each of is preparing our own resurrection. This is the reason why Easter, the resurrection falls when it does. The symbolic nature of the event  is a reminder that our hibernation is over and spring is here.  That many of us have spent years hibernating in stillness and now it is time to resurrect.  The resurrection in this case is the merging of the heart mind as one.

As we sit  still in the heart, we begin to observe the nature of the mind. As we observe the nature of the wild horse mind, we are training the horse to come back in the stable.  We are taking this conditioned mind which likes to run or chase things in the present, and essentially teaching it that right now is okay and nothing is against it.  Once this happens and the mind becomes comfortable in the present then magic happens. Some would call this process waking up. Call it what you will, but this is the natural way to live fully. Allowing the heart mind to lead. Now you have a foundation. Now you will find purpose moment to moment.  This resurrection process is a symbol in most spiritual practices.  Your story is teaching you how to resurrect right now.


TODAY I turn my attention from the outside world, and look within. I sit and rest in the infinite till I can hear the call.

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