Greatness of Soul


          We are here to express the greatness of soul.  To express that greatness we first must understand the foundation of the soul.  The soul is everywhere present at the same time. There is no place where the soul is not.  This omnipresent energy is everywhere. To acknowledge that, be with that, and allow the truth of it to sink in, then you can live a life for the whole. Your life is beyond your dreams. Can you go beyond them and be of service to others as they pursue theirs.  Can you ask these questions of yourself , the same questions Aristotle asked, ” ‘What kind of service can I provide? What kind of positive difference can I make in the lives of others?”.  Since each of us is the whole and we are never separate from anything then it is up to us to be serving the whole of humanity. That means that we are a soul family working with each other and not against each other.  

   How many times have you tried in vain to will something? You do mantra’s, set an intention, push your way through, wanting it now, needing it, grasping it, and nothing pans out.  We are entering a new way of being, a new way of living, and a new way of expressing.  FEAR is over with as a way to motivate people, it doesn’t work. Violence doesn’t work, and yes gossip and judgement of another is violence against humanity.  Competing and comparing are a form of opposition and are violent.  Soul is equal. Soul is working together for a common good. Soul is family. Soul is seeing you in another.  

     Each of us is here to express our uniqueness and allow others to do the same without pushing our rights on them.  Now if what you are doing is coming from a place of injustice, than justice will come through clearly.  We can no longer treat each other as separate, or different.  It simply doesn’t work.   

      There is a mighty change taking place in our world. It is great and profound. All injustice, whether personal or group will be dismantled.  Soul is equal and where there is no equality than the soul will equal it out.  Nobody gets away from anything where they have brought about injustice to another, or group. What is great is that the soul still loves everyone, no matter what. That is the paradox. Once you forgive or ask for forgiveness from the heart than all is forgiven. That is wonderful news for everyone.  That is the GOOD NEWS!!

         Let your soul express. Let it express love, unconditional love.  Deeply listen to everyone, just like you do when you sit by the river and listen. No attachments.  When you listen to the soul in this way, then life happens, moves, and is inspired. 

Live inspired! Serve others from love and move mountains my friends.  

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