Celebrate YOU

Do you wake up in the morning and say, “Oh God another day”? Or do you awake up and say, “Thank you God for this day?’  Your day will be determined by your response. Each day is new, refreshing, a day to start over, and practice. That is exciting.  So start over today, start fresh, and practice kindness with yourself, and others. See what results come your way.  It is easier to read about it, but we are focussed on applying it here on WRESTLING WITH YOURSELF. Don’t believe me, see yourself.


1. Today look for things to appreciate.  Find things to appreciate. Appreciation comes form the heart. It is a love thank you to the universe.

2. Practice letting your breath guide you.  Cherish what is before you now.

3. If you make a mistake, say to yourself, “Oh Well”, then take action to admit the mistake, forgive, and move forward.


Questions: email: semjase64@gmail.com


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