Critical Free Zone


[krit-i-kuhl]  Show IPA



inclined to find fault or to judge with severity, often tooreadily.
It has become common practice to be critical on the planet.  Turn on the radio and some shock jock is being critical of someone’s clothes, relationship, job, money, spiritual life, politics,etc…and they are paid for it. In fact most relationships find it common place to be critical as a sign of caring for another.  So let us on WRESTLING FOR YOURSELF start a CRITICAL FREE ZONE. I encourage you to put a sign outside your apartment, home, or condo. So that people understand that criticism of others won’t be tolerated anymore at your business, home, relationship, or even in your car. When we criticize someone, what we are really saying is we don’t want to do the work.  That we are above them in some way and they should do the work, and they are not living up to our expectations, but your expectations must be quite low of yourself if you are finding fault with others.  Here at WRESTLING WITH YOURSELF we strive and devote our lives to loving the Divine Mother above all else.  It is important to accept yourself, but we strive to love the Divine Mother , God, or any other name you wish to give it.  Criticism is a cop out on full responsibility and it suggests that you are more important than the other or even less important if they receive success.  What ever the case may be we will start a new movement together.  NO MORE CRITICISM ACCEPT HERE.
Here is where criticism is not accepted:
1. With yourself, no more criticizing yourself with judgments of low self worth, or not being good enough,. Especially when things don’t go your way.
2. With your partner, friends, family, co-workers, and anyone.  Criticizing them and having them live up to your expectations, needs, excuses, is not accepted.
3. With your career, health, money, spiritual practice, and love
4. With the news, events, the world.
5. Follow the 4 rules
So how do we replace criticism then?  Wear a rubber band on your wrist, and every time you criticize another  or yourself, then take the rubber band off and either put it on the other wrist or the same wrist. This will help you become aware of the criticism.  Find ways to appreciate yourself and others. We are building compassion, kindness, and love here. These are skills. So lets start.


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