Divine Mother Health Care Plan

Well the Supreme Court has just upheld Obama Care.   Both parties are quickly running to the press to claim how amazing they are and why we should vote for them.  All day media outlets will be running live reactions and reports of decision and seeing how you feel about the it.  So I am going to offer a different kind of solution. A solution that actually appeals to all and is free.  That is right FREE FOR ALL.  My plan is simply entitled “The Divine Mother Health Care Plan.” How does it work? How do I get coverage? Where do I sign up? Who are the best providers for this kind of coverage?

The plan works on awareness, breath, heart, and mind.  By incorporating these into your life, you will begin to live a life with much joy, laughter, love, compassion, and kindness, not only for yourself but for others.  It is a day to day type of plan.  A heart/mind diet if you will.  All you have to do is simply say yes.  “Well David, what do I have to do?”, you may be asking. All that is required of you is to bare witness to your mind.  Watch the thoughts with out any interaction.  As you watch your thoughts, then simply pay attention to your breath, and as all of this is happening, listen.  Deeply listen to the breath.  Let the breath guide you, insight you, and bring wisdom on how to respond in any given situation.  Pretty simple.

Now the prescription you should take is prayer in case you forget who you are. Ways you might forget who you are, you listen to others tell you who you are, you let your thoughts take you into the past, future, pain, or pleasure.  You have co-dependence with someone or something. No matter the plan offers you prayer.  How does prayer work? Well years ago we had a old prescription of prayer, which is out dated now. That prescription was to beg, beget, tell, lecture the Divine Mother on what you want. Well after some research, we realized that that simply does not bring the best results.  So we have a different kind of prescription.  Since the Divine Mother knows all and is everywhere present all at once, we figured that listening to her wisdom, advice, may be the best prayer in any given situation.  So prayer is deep listening to her wisdom.  We find that if you really desire anything, that you should always ask for wisdom, and guidance.  Since that is best for any and all situations.  It will be given quickly. So if you find yourself in a meeting and need to make a decision, then ask her for wisdom. Wisdom serves everyone equally.  Doesn’t exclude anyone, which is really wonderful.

Sign up anytime and anywhere, all it takes is a willingness.  You can actually sign up here. Right where you are. Coverage lasts a lifetime and is fully guaranteed. No body will be turned away because “The Divine Mother Health Care Plan”, is for everyone and all is equal in her. And we feel that is pretty cool. She is the best provider for you.  She is with you and waiting for you to give into to love. Stop looking for it out there.

The plan has cured many illness, such as negativity, complaining, gossip, blame, shame, wounded and hurt, the past, future, beating yourself up, physical pain, mental pain, family, friends, hate, anger, issues with others, well the list is endless.

What does the plan offer you? Happiness 24/7, a happiness that is not determined on others, outcomes, relationships, family, money, traditions, rituals, beliefs, conditions, etc. A place right now where happiness is happening now.

If you like this plan, tell your friends, pass it forward.  IT’S FREE FOR ALL.  So help us end struggle, pain, and misery in every individual now.  On the DIVINE MOTHER HEALTH CARE PLAN, our motto is, “One breath at time is simply Divine.”

Questions, email: semjase64@gmail.com



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