Everyone has an opinion, I choose to not listen

One of the biggest lessons each of us will learn is this motto, “Everyone has a right to their opinion and I have right not to listen to it.”  I love this motto which I got from Joel Osteen.  When you live fully in your life and follow that inner voice you will be happy, provided for, alive, and enlivened.  You are a great light and your light has to reach its potential.  In order for your light to reach your potential, you have to understand that everyone has a opinion of your life, good, bad, or indifferent, and none of them are right.  Some have good opinions and some bad, but all of it is based on their experience, and so it is best to learn to listen and then move on.  The best advice is listen to your heart when some one offers you their opinion before taking it on.

The worst kind of person to deal with is the high maintenance person. This kind of individual is the kind where you can literally be kind, generous, giving of your time, and shower them with love, and they are still not happy, they want more. In fact they will criticize you, complain about you, make you feel bad for not helping them get out of their troubles, turn against you with friends, find ways to manipulate, and play games. My advice, cut the ties. Life is meant to be lived fully.  

Learn to listen. But listening without any attachment. The way you do that is through listening with your entire being.  When you do this the world becomes enliven and so do you. It is present and new.  You will be able to hear the moment to moment guidance as well and live a life full and light filled. As you succeed in your path, you will realize that some people just can’t handle your success and will do anything to make you unhappy and bring you down.  It will surprise you that it might be family and friends. No worries, remember everyone has an opinion, and you have a choice on who to listen too. But listen to your heart, you won’t go wrong.

I have realized this lesson many times and when it finally hits, your world becomes between you and God (Unconditional Love), consciousness, or whatever you choose to call the allness. Much love to you and remember your life matters, because you matter.

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