Got Love?

I find that life is always offering us the opportunity to grow. But what I have often observed is most people choose to dwell in things , people, and situations which have already happened.  So what is the reasoning behind dwelling on the past? It happened, maybe it was good, or bad, maybe someone felt wounded, abandoned, hurt, or what ever happened.  But as we dwell on the past, we miss now, even though the only place we ever are is now.  So really, most of us are choosing in the present moment to dwell on what used to be, which is happening now.  Crazy, don’t you think?  We choose to think about what already happened, in the now, and then waste energy on it.  So we find ourselves exhausted, tired, as we try to control everything. We want to control what already happened, or generate a future that will never come, why? Because there is only right now.  Isn’t it time we become aware of the  thoughts that are driving us here and there, and everywhere. Our lives are becoming like Dr. Suess books.  So I ask you, “Got love?”

When we begin to realize there is only now, and use thinking as it should be used, when needed, then we can grasp the mystery of love. I use the word “mystery” because love is constantly inviting us in right now.  It is inviting us in, to listen.  Can we listen to everything without judging it?  I don’t know. Perhaps. The Divine mother invites each of us in daily.  She feeds us with inspiration, but the mind wants it now, on its time, and so it plays out impatience.  But love is really a breath by breath experience, an adventure with no end in sight. It is filled with so much trust, so much laughter, and joy that the intellect can not comprehend it.

Your only purpose is to discover yourself as love, now. So you can discover the mystery of love by listening to a friend, and you can trust the Divine Mother brought you two together at that moment. If you listen with your whole being, you will notice that suddenly what used to be effort, work, when a friend talked to you; now is wonderful.  Because you no longer need to control the conversation, it is breath by breath, and conversation leads you both.  Glorious.  So learn to trust the Divine Mother, moment by moment.  Watch how much you don’t trust her. You know you are not trusting her now when you dwell in worry, the past, the future, others, job, etc…trust her. She knows how to open you up to more love.

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