Love yourself, Stop Beating yourself up…

Each of us has heard it at some point in our life, “love yourself, you are to hard on yourself.”  So you are thinking, how do I do that? Being gentle with yourself, will bring forth gentleness in the world. But most of us are not gentle with ourselves, in fact when I meet clients for the first time, you can tell where they are by their impatience. Most people just want a quick fix, band aid, mantra, healing, guru, or workshop to attend.  Just so they feel like they have done something. In my experience of impatience and working with impatience, the impatience is the result of an over used mind, taxed by worry, doubt, confusion, and made up stories. 

So the impatience with ourselves, the world, and others leads us down a path filled and riddled with expectations, wants, and needs which are laid out in front of us in all forms.

If right now, you are feeling restless, impatient, worried, or anxious, then I would invite you to be aware of the impatience now. Be aware of it, and as you are aware, you may notice the mind wildly creating a broken record of stories, and also, that the mind is beating you up with conclusions about yourself.  Just be aware. Nothing to change, or fix.   As you are aware, begin to focus on your breath, allow the breath to flow in and out without stopping, let it be constant, a constant flow.  Just be here, allowing all to be as it is.  You may notice that your mind slows, and the record slows down, and as you continue to breath, you may also notice that with no thoughts in the mind, your breath just breaths you with no stopping, but when you think, the breath stops.  So keep being aware of the breath and now be in the breath. Feeling the breath filling up every ounce of your lungs, letting the exhale be released.  Now breath. You may notice that you feel tired and that is okay.  You are leaving mind energy and coming into being. Through this short example of awareness, notice that when you are in the breath, you are in the absolute truth of who you are. 

Who you are needs no justification of itself. But the mind needs the story to continue.  The reason you sense this impatience about you and the reason you may beat yourself up, is because you forgot that what you were telling yourself wasn’t the truth.  The truth is impersonal and will be the same today, tomorrow, and yesterday.  So impatience is coming into to your life to allow the truth to come forward. Everything is perfectly aligned with the unconditional presence.  So you love yourself by bringing your awareness to what is happening now and the mind slows down.  When the mind slows down, then you will begin to gain confidence in the still point, and as this happens you will lose the influence of the mind to try and convince you that you are something else, or that there is something else going on.  You may have to read this a couple of times, but I encourage you to bring awareness to your life and discover who you are.  Please question this and see for yourself.  

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