You Are An Instrument

How many of you have every played an instrument in your life?

With a musical instrument you are learning the foundation of playing.  The foundational notes, simple music, and where to place your hands, body and so forth.  As you learn and discover the foundation you will then be allowed to explore a little more of the music on a complex basis.  As you learn and trust more in your playing, you build trust, confidence, and playfulness.  You also build more patience, because as you trust more, you are given more to handle.  When you forget you can go back to the foundation of the playing.

This same way of playing music is the same way in which we rediscover who we really are.  First we learn the foundation, then we build on that, and before long we have become a fine tuned instrument.  Now just like the instrument, everything is already there to play it. Just like you, everything is in you, but you first have learn how to use and bring out what is already there.

So that is why we have meditation, and prayer. They  both tap into what is already present and all you have to do is  listen and from the listening take action. Once you shift your consciousness then you are able to take full action. Full action is spirit, mind, and body working as one. Like an instrument.

Prayer is a place of deep listening, but most of us have been taught to ask, tell, plead in prayer. This is not prayer.  Since all outcomes are already present in you, then it is your job to affirm and recognize what you might not see.  By listening and getting quiet you will be able to hear the insight, inspiration, which will then insight the mind and body to move correctly.  Correct action is inspirational not survival.  Survival is struggle, powerlessness, lack of understanding the self, and an old way of being in the world. Each of us has been through this space enough times to understand how difficult it  is.  So yes from y perspective meditation and prayer are one. They align you in the reality of unconditional presence (God) and allow you to move freely in things.  THey take you off of the outside and put you smack in possibilities.  You are possible all the time. Your instrument is amazing and must be understood.

This is why many people call me for sessions. My job in working people is to guide them on how to use their instrument in the best possible way, and in the highest way possible in business, life, family, money, and spirit.  Then we part and they are on their own.  And a new group comes.  The great thing for me is each person is their own creation and creator, so it makes my job wonderful. No two snowflakes are a like. Each person has something wonderful to bring the planet and discovering that is awesome.

So I encourage you to discover YOU!

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