YOU are Significant

You are significant. Each one of you. We can end all debate on this topic by listening with are whole being. I call this active presence. You don’t have to close your eyes but if it helps you, then do it. You don’t have to sit cross legged, but if you feel like it then do it. You don’t have to chant, affirm, negate, fight, resist, but if it helps you then by all means do it.  All you have to do is listen and apply. Most people only listen 25-50% of the time, so don’t be surprised when you are not heard.

What is listening? How were we conditioned to listen? Most listen with the intention to be right, heard, or defensive. Most listen with a pre-conceived story ready, idea, concept, anything so there isn’t silence, anything so there isn’t breathing space. It is very limiting, lacking attention, and insincere way to be.
Yet, I am speaking about listening with none of the above going on. Can you listen to everything in your life without getting involved and making it about you? Can you? Please sit with this and be honest with yourself. Be honest with you. This is between you and God now. Not a punishing God, but your highest self. Your Buddha, your Christ nature. By listening I mean fully present with no agenda, no motive, no manipulation, no lust for the other, pure listening, authentic, aliveness, letting conversation lead you, not you leading the conversation. Can you live life this way? Not wanting, needing a single thing to add or lose of yourself. Just listening completely to the other, yourself, it all. Please be honest so we can discover the core of the fear of conditioned listening.

As you read this, you are listening, the mind translating this experience, so can you listen with no translation, nothing going on, because my friend if this type of listening is happening then you are trusting the whole of it, you are a life of nature. You will be allowing healing, miracles will manifest, life will move you to inspiration, inspiration will move you to action. This type of listening is REAL LOVE. No comparing, competition and all the nonsense. No running to the next thing, person, relationship, lover, money, job, just creation itself, listening.
When this happens then you will see how significant you are to the world and as the world. The world doesn’t need change as it needs good listeners. By truly listening, then change can happen easily and effortlessly.  Life can move, watch a tree in nature. It is listening.  Stretching, expressing, radiating, colorful, and still.  Sit down in front of a tree and talk to it. And you will laugh at first but you will be amazed by the love it exudes and transforms your life.  It is magical. All you have to be is a good listener. Can you be?

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