A Letter to Mother Earth

Dear Mother Earth,

It has been an honor for me to walk on your sand at the beach, just so I can glimpse the infinite ocean, and watch the glorious sun set and rise each day. It has been an honor to walk your mountains, hills, and travel by water, air, car, and walking. Thank you for allowing me the freedom to build my house on you, raise my family on you, and play with others on you. Thank you for allowing me the freedom to run naked and roll on the grass with a lover and whisper sweet every things in their ear. Thank you for allowing me the freedom to pitch my tent alone in your wilderness and be among the animals and deep silence.  Thank you for allowing the children to play and laugh on you.  Thank you for the sky with its clouds, sun, birds, and all its beautiful colors.  Thank you for showing me that life has seasons, change, and that its natural.  Thank you for the depths of the ocean and how it reminds me of the depth of this soul.  Which I long to connect with everyday.

Thank you for the fruit, all the different fruits and vegetables. Thank you for feeding all of us and not judging any of us. Thank you for allowing us the freedom to be ourselves on you. Thank you for the variety of tree’s, plant’s, animals. So many varieties of life you nurture freely and lovingly.  Thank you for not judging us, when we judge and take from you. We don’t mean it, we are lost in our minds and we are scared to change, love, and wake up. We want to please each other so much but we fail to acknowledge our own love and beauty first. We are  a selfish lot.  We don’t care to nurture ourselves, change, and go with the flow.  We don’t want to look at you sometimes and appreciate you because it reminds us that we are scared to look at ourselves.

We are so sorry for taking advantage of you. Creating wars on you. Competing, comparing, taking, stealing, killing, murdering, and hating on you.  We are.  We are just flat out scared to look at you Mother.  You continue to show us unconditional love and forgiveness.  And yet, we don’t learn. We drill for oil, but we don’t look to the sun for life and energy. We are greedy and want more. As your children we are sorry.  We are scared, frightened, and tormented by a story of the past, of guilt, of shame, of many things.  We are scared to wake up. We are selfish beyond belief’s.  Our beliefs are selfish, imposed, and and our stories continue to create death and destruction and yet we fail to understand that we are life itself.  We are sorry our our theology has excluded the feminine. You are all. Forgive us for this. The feminine is life, is creation itself, and without it, none of us would be here. It is through the feminine that life is given. May we come to learn to respect it again. May we value, respect, and appreciate the feminine in each of us.

We the world, we your children, we your family, whether we know it or not, need you now more then ever.  It must be tiring. Because you are our Mother. You have nurtured, loved us, cared for us, and we don’t care. We want more, more, more, and we live in a world of quicker service and yet we are more distant than ever.  I write this to honor the feminine, and to say we are sorry for taking you for granted.  Not loving you, not listening to you, not caring for you, not praying for you, and not loving you. For you keep showing up and we keep hiding, running, and playing war on you.  We will learn, or we will lose you.  Thank you. As we wake up to the heart, we will wake up to the feminine, the divine, the real, and understand receptivity, unconditional love, forgiveness, and real peace. Right now we are children who have forgotten to be childlike and listen and respect and value the divine feminine called you- Mother Earth.  We are thankful and so sorry for our actions.  I know you forgive us, but know we are asking to be forgiven as well, for we acknowledge our wrongs.

Today I will lay down on your grass, and allow you to love me.  There I will be reminded that I am safe, cared for, and loved.

Love you Great Mother- xo

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