A Virus Is Sweeping The Land

There is a virus that is sweeping the land.  Like any virus it will take and prey on anything that is asleep.  Are you asleep? You can find it anywhere, and everywhere. People don’t talk about it, they actually talk from it. It is consuming. It is a wolf like the one we tell our kids about in Little Red Riding hood. You know the wolf that preys on the innocent. What a fun a little fairy tail we tell our kids over and over.  “So little Charlie or Jenny, there is a story of a little girl who going to the woods to see her grandma, here grandma is eaten by the wolf, and this wolf is waiting for the innocent child to come to him.”  Sound familiar? Sound like the leaders of today.  You go to a school system  for 12, 16, 20 years, and get out with the hopes of thriving  in the world.  Because in school the wolf told you how to survive. It said if you follow the rules, and don’t question the system then we won’t eat you.  We need you to be good little workers, good little bee’s, to just follow and play out your story.  But the virus is in the condition.  The condition is made up, made up by the group, followed step by step, for decades, generations, and if someone decides to step away, the group gets upset.

Because you step away, they will eat you! They will get you.  You won’t  feel safe out there. They are the wolves.  This is told in our schools, lives, some religions, financial market, politics, etc… The virus is the conditions and the conditional environment we have set up.  Many of you feel broken, let down, beat up, lost, confused, and so where can you turn.  The virus although I have been dramatic is separation from God.  Loving God is rebellious, new, creative, and fun. A God that is infinite, loving, and everywhere present. A God with no conditions.  A God who loves everyONE as the ONE.

It is time to be liberated from the virus. It is time for each of you to experience the one. Lets not get caught up in the name, or idea, image, of God.  We can change. We change the story once we know the Presence. Once we know unconditional love. That is what you want, not the world, not the world that continues to make you believe that you are unworthy, not good enough, bad, or that you need more. Not a world that has leaders that continue to tell you that they will improve your schools, families, and yet they continue to take from you. You give and they take.  They continue to be more and more greedy. Greed is the virus. Aren’t you tired of competing against your brother and sister? Aren’t you tired of comparing yourself to others? In God all is equal, abundant, and infinite.  It is never ending.  That is awesome.  Turn away from the virus of the world and come home. Come inside and you will be fed, sheltered, and provided for.  ALL OF YOU.  Put down your weapons, distrust, manipulations, lies, greed, guilt, and shame. Come home.  We need you now. This isn’t about being saved. It is about becoming sane again. The world is insane. You are the light of the world, not a little speck meant to flicker on the planet. All of us are here to shine bright.  ALL OF US, WE ARE A FAMILY, come back to the table, and break bread again in love, laughter, and community. We can do this again. We have done it before.

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