Emptying The House

There I was cleaning out my apartment. Taking out everything that no longer served. Clothes I hadn’t worn in over a year gone, shoes, toys for my daughter, anything and everything, I put in bags.  Swept the floors, clean the bathroom, kitchen, and opened all the windows.  I took a much needed rest on the couch.  As I glanced over, my eye caught a ray of light coming into the apartment.  I looked at the light.  I closed my eyes and began to contemplate the light.  What is light? Am I light? As I contemplated the light, I began to see that light was infinite in nature. That it’s very nature is vast, open, receptive, and boundless. I contemplated boundless. Having no boundaries.  Yet this life seemed to have many boundaries. I thought how easy it was to clean my place.  The stuff had no meaning to me, but I remembered a jacket I was giving away. It had tremendous meaning to me.  I could feel the memories of it, the feelings of wearing it, and the places I had gone.

It was here in this moment I had a great insight.  Here I was in the presence, feeling feelings that had nothing to do with right now but seemed so real.  Yet I chose to give the jacket away anyway. I had stories of people that I would carry around in the presence that had nothing to do with right now and I couldn’t get rid of them. These stories had nothing to do with anything, except that I had memories, stories, bias, judgments, which led to a strong energy. But the energy had nothing to do with right now. This energy of others was casting a shadow over my now.  How could I clean it up? What was so important that I had to hold on to this story/memory so tight? What was the benefit for me? I got rid of a jacket, clothes, etc…with ease.

So I took the memory that had the strongest charge for me and contemplated it. As I began to contemplate it, I asked, “What are you teaching me right now? What is the light? Show me the wisdom here?” Well you know what, I had an insight again. I realized that this person was helping me see the light and that this story was just a story.  It was like a baby duckling cracking a shell and seeing the light of the new world.  This story was giving me a lesson into my life as a whole being on this planet.  Once the insight happened, I felt all was forgiven. The forgiveness felt like an energy release through out my body.  I felt cleansed and detoxed. It felt great.  Rev. Michael Beckwith said on the SECRET, “Forgiveness is, thank you for, giving me this.”  I was given the greatest lesson ever, that life is working for me, not against me.  So I began to look at all the relationships that I had allowed to get in my presence and cast shadows over the good.

You can use this simple contemplation exercise on problems, problems with others, family, friends, business, and see that everyone and everything is working for you.  God is good, and by discovering the lesson learned, you discover the greater good that you are.

Simple Path:

1. Be still. Breath in consciously four to five times.

2. Contemplate the problem, person, idea of lack that you are experiencing.  Just sit with it, let be.

3. Now ask it, “What are you teaching me? What is the wisdom here? What is the light?

4. Allow this process to be 20 minutes, and see what comes forward. This fun, so let it be.

Love you-

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