H.I.M what?

So we seem to live in a world of greed, fame, lies, and gossip.  When we observe these behaviors they seem to come from lack of authenticity or honesty.  When one leads a a honest life, they also lead a modest life. Does that mean that they can’t be successful or have abundance? Not at all. The difference is that there is no sacrifice, quick fix, or selfishness any more.  As you become more honest with yourself and others then you begin to live a life of harmony and peace.  Inward conflict, drama, and lust of the world goes away.  Your life becomes grounded in the Presence. And that Presence is recognized, then your life becomes full now.  It is difficult to see how being honest can be good. But honesty is not about people pleasing, the honesty I am referring too here is the kind in which you listen to the Presence and not talk to others about what they THINK about your life, they are not your God. The language becomes different with others. Your life becomes authentic, kind, and loving.

Honesty is modesty or HIM.  By living a honest life, what begins to happen is greed, illness, addictions, gossip, begin  leave life. Relationships that are not based in honesty fall off the map, and you begin to enjoy your life more fully.  No need to worry, impress people, gossip, complain, or blame.  This type of honesty is Real. It comes from a deep listening to what is, a deeper sense of purpose emerges, and in fact your dreams manifest more quickly and easily.  Love is honest with itself. That means it doesn’t know hate, resentment, or judging. In fact honesty from a place of Presence has no reason to condemn another, or get involved with others lives and fix them.

Ask yourself, do I live a honest life? Am I honest with myself and others?

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