New Omni-Wonder (NOW)

There are many books, lectures, seminars, blogs, and material on the the now.  When we stop blaming and start owning what we put out, or in other words stand in our independence which is freedom; we begin to enter the present state.  The present state is new, it is everywhere and has no time constraints, and it is filled with wonder.   The invitation is to put your attention behind your eyes and look through them. To notice this life outside and ask if you are willing to experience this adventure or maybe this one.  Whatever you choose to experience is fine. No good or bad.  In reality, there are no bad people. There really isn’t, it is just perception.  I love in the Lords Prayer, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us”.  I love this because it states that I am in charge of my emotions, words, everyday, every second, and yes there will be a place when I dump on someone but let me recognize this and own it and take it back and forgive myself and the other, brush off my sandals and move on.  Everyone is wonderful. Sometimes we forget that this is an experience we are having and sharing.

The more present we become, the more we invite wonder, newness, and enjoy the ever presence of right now. Spend today noticing your life. Put your attention in the center of your head, and begin to notice through your own eyes. What do you notice? Where are you engaging? Are you pushing, pulling, forcing, or are you being gentle and kind? There is no right or wrong. Just notice. Just notice your attention.  As each of us blossoms into the new world, new way of noticing, new way of living, we will begin to see that taking your baggage with you no longer works.  When we hold hold anger for another, it is us who is holding on, not the other person. So let go of the baggage, it happened perfectly. So notice it, and simply find forgiveness. We are givers of life. When we hold back love, and demand people give it to us, we notice that we live in pain.  Its okay, just notice, and forgive.  Give what you have and discover that there is a place where you have everything already.

Let today be an invitation to notice life from behind your own eyes.  We are entering a place called a NEW OMNI-WONDER- which is who we really are.  It is infinite and boundless, just like you!:)

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