Jesus and Buddha Were Naked

When we turn on the media, open our newspapers in the morning, go online, we realize that we are constantly given and fed a story of what could be going on in the world. A perspective of limitation, lack, and poverty.  A story of isolation and being alone.  And with that comes quick fixes, drugs from your doctor, food, drama, drinking, lust, etc…and the emotion is fed for a brief time.  And we feel good, then we feel bad for what we have done. This is ongoing process of the rational mind, good/bad, judgement, worry, anxiousness, and yet in the forefront of our life were master teachers who were naked before us. That is right naked.  Not naked in the body, but naked in light. Light is transparent, nothing to hide, no secrets, no lies, no gossip, just nakedness.  Jesus talked about the God-consciousness, or Christ light.  He never talked from any place else. He talked from that place. The place of light.  The place of who we are.  Buddha did the same we spoke of Buddha nature.

Life is simple. Life is not a complex mess, stress, aiming to be something, because as we have been shown by Buddha, Jesus, and mystic’s  that to be the light is to be naked in the world. To be open, honest, impeccable with your word, joy filled, and unconditional. As we approach this kind of nakedness, we will see our mistakes, and we will make them, because we are all learning to SEE, FEEL, and TRUST again. It is like taking off your clothes and being naked in front of everyone no matter what. We learned that lesson through the life of Jesus when he was condemned and we learned that through Buddha when he gave up his possessions. Possessions are things that possess you.  When you are naked in the world as light, you realize that vulnerability is strength, power, and command.

So lets all be naked and give up hiding, confusion, and inner war.  Resolve to SEE, FEEL, and TRUST the good that is guiding you as light! And give each other a break.


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