Lie of the Mind

We have many shows showing us prison, jail, violence, and all kinds of nonsense.  Yet the biggest prison most are in is the mind.  The mind is a trap, a prison. The mind was originally designed to listen to the silence, capture a thought (inspiration) and take action from there. Instead we have become trapped in our own minds and we can’t get out. We think everything, we think its them or they out there, we think, think, think, till we are dead.  The golden key to the prison door is Silence. Nature listens to the depths of silence and grows with effortless delight.  You are are effortless, graceful, and commanding beings. You are being called to listen to the vast silence. That takes practice, practice, practice, because you have been trained to think it, solve it, and think again about the next thing. You are not thinkers, thinking is a sickness in this world.  Thinking is the problem and all problems are formed by thinking about it.  The only problem is that you think there is one. You have to give up thinking and the answer will appear.  The universe has done brilliant things with out you intervening and trying to change it. If it needs to be changed you will be inspired to take action, if not, then sit there and  listen to what you are called to do.  Love is beyond the thought, it is actually not a thought at all, or idea, or image, it is a feeling.  Be inspired, escape the prison, and be silent.

1. Find a meditation class or group.

2. Pray that you are already in God and you are ready to serve. Then listen.

3. Stop talking and listen more. Listen with your being, in every aspect of your life. The listening will become a feeling and the feeling will feel good not selfish.

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