As we begin to open up to who we really we are, we begin to really see in a loud way who we are not, and how we play in the world.  Everyday is learning.  Everyday is about communicating correctly.  Sometimes we feel we are communicating correctly, and yet we find that we have communicated incorrectly.  Most of us realize the best way to heal this place is through forgiveness.  Forgiveness ends the old way and we can start fresh.  There are no bad people.  Only bad communications. It doesn’t help that we text, email all the time, and because of technology, we have forgotten how to deal with communing with each other.  So we spend time dumping on each other and blaming and allowing the communication to be used to separate us, rather than wanting to understand the other person.  We are hear to understand each other, simply.

A good example in my life, was when I was going through my divorce.  One day I was praying, and caught myself. I was rather shocked, here I was taught affirmative prayer and there was nothing affirmative about this prayer.  Prayer is about communicating with the Holy spirit and since the Holy spirit is everything and I am everything then better communication is called for. For example, in this situation, I was calling for help, as though in the all-ness of everything I was left out.  After I caught myself, I asked for wisdom, “Let the wisdom that is present now carry me in the right direction, let me see with the eyes of wisdom and take action from there”.  It is difficult sometimes when we are moving with things that are unfolding in our lives.  We neglect to go inward and listen, and by not going inward and checking in, we dump on the other person, or freak out or name call, or what ever happens. But it happens, so how do we correct it.  We simply apologize for our miscommunication and start again.  End of name calling, gossip, and shame.  We all make mistakes, but they are mis-takes like acting; the difference is that when you make a mistake in acting, you simply start over and do it again. In life when we make a mistake, we have to acknowledge it, forgive it, and start over.

The process is what I call LOL, which simply means LIFE OF LEARNING….remember we all have made mistakes, it’s okay, we are hear to learn.  It’s no one’s fault, everyone is doing what know in their space.


Acknowledge what we have done.  (Acting Knowledge- Acting from what we knew)

Ask for forgiveness, or simply forgive them.  (By forgiving and asking for forgiveness, we are taking responsibility, and in turn we have been given a new knowledge about who we really are, and we can realize that we were unaware.)

Start over, simply means START OVER.  Let go, it is done, finished, move on.


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