The Naked Mystic: Can’t Out Wit God

Many of us find ourselves in situation when people aren’t honorable with their word. They use their word to lie, manipulate, blame, complain about us to others and create toxic environments.  So how can we deal with such stories that we know are not true?  When others believe them as well and friends turn on friends, or families turn on families because people forget to question the story they are listening too.  It can be quite painful, and hurtful when others create drama, chaos, and lies about you.

The most important thing is first to check in with you. See how you are feeling.  Do you feel charged by what others are saying? If so, be with it, and ask, “What am I believing about myself in this situation?”  The belief will announce itself.  Then forgive the belief, “I forgive my belief in….”  and remind yourself that you love you.  In this space, you may have a different perspective on where others are coming from, that it is not about you, they are experiencing what they are experiencing.  Forgive them when you are ready, but for now, hopefully you are ready to see a different perspective.

Remember you can’t out wit the omnipresence of life.  It is pointless. They will have to deal with heaven on their own terms.  Accept, learn, and take action from your learning.  Don’t let others bring you down, instead be the place that others must lift up.  Have a good weekend.

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