The Naked Mystic: Check Out My New APP

Yes I have a new App like everyone else on the planet. My App is a little  different than most App’s. My App  describes something. You can still take it with you and apply it though.  You can use this App for dating, working, friends, family etc…it is simple and yet profound.

App stands for APPROVAL PERMISSION PROVE.  If you ever find you find yourself in a situation on a date, and you have to perform any of these tasks for anyone, let this be a RED FLAG. When you are free of taking things personal, then you will no longer seek to prove, get permission, or approval to be you. Being you is being you and someone will just understand that and the seeking will stop. You will become relaxed, and a sense of relief will happen.  Now if you find yourself with someone and you catch yourself performing any of these things then certainly go within and ask, “What is so important to have their approval, to prove, or get permission to be who I am?” Sit and listen to the answer.

In most relationships these actions come up, approval, proving, or permission, this includes work as well.  Remember there is no one as capable of being you as you.  We are here to realize who we really are, not have to continue to prove, get approval, or permission for us to be okay with what we do, who we are, etc.. I have been in situations throughout my life where I was around people who didn’t like what I did, and I found myself then wanting their approval, proving to them that what I was doing was wonderful, and seeking their permission when good things happened. What I discovered was they weren’t going to change, and it was a waste of my time on this planet.  Accept yourself, like yourself, and you will surround yourself with the same kind of people. Don Miguel Ruiz, states, “When we give up taking things personal, then we give up caring what others think about us, and we listen to ourselves.” Sage advice.  Stop seeking approval, permission, or proving that you belong here. Because you do, we all do, and we all matter. Love you


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