The Naked Mystic: Juice It

I have gone through different stages in my life when it comes to eating.  I have always trusted my inner guidance on where to go and what to eat. So let me encourage you first to listen to that guidance when it comes to eating.  That aside, I hope that you can have a little fun maybe in your diet and juice once day. There are amazing recipes and teachers on this subject.  I have incorporated one juice/smoothie into my day and it feels wonderful.  I have fun juicing and use it as part of my play time.  My daughter and I have fun juicing berries, watermelon, and many other fruits and vegetables.  As summer start to go, incorporate a smoothie for fun, see what happens.  If you find yourself in the juice aisle at the super market, I would pick up a Naked Juice. They are good for you, fun, and playful.

Feel free to leave any other recommendations in the comment line, we are learning the fun way to juice.

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