The Naked Mystic: Lust

Got your attention, I am sure when you read naked and lust, your mind probably thought finally, lets talk sex.  Which will be explored by the end of the week.  We have been discussing being naked in God.  What we know is that we are naked in God.  Meaning you can’t hide anything.  We are born with everything, yet we are transfixed by the outside world; we forgot that everything wasn’t out there but here.  Here, now.  Our Ego went from teaching us, to protecting us against them out there.  But there is no out there and in here, there is only one life.    So what is lust? Lust is a need which is based on lack.  So the object becomes a possession, you must have it. Then once you have the object, now you feel good, if something happens with the object then we feel good or bad depending on how much we are gripping on to it.

This same behavior is how the mind works, pain/pleasure. That duality only works when you have a sense of lack, in fact duality only works when you feel unsafe in the presence. By feeling unsafe, you get comfortable in thinking, it gives you safety, but a false safety which leads to mistrust, lies, and more confusion in your life.   Lack breeds impatience, confusion, misery, unexpressed feelings, over expressed feelings, manipulations, and bad relationships.  With lack we have a sense of lying about ourselves, calling ourselves unworthy, undeserving, insecure, and jealous.  It is the reason why many relationships fail, because the partner wants a different possession, a different condition, the next thing, “The grass is always greener syndrome” which it isn’t.  Many people live in this state of lust, and when the lust in the partnership goes, now they have to reveal who they think they are, and so rather than being hurt again, or dwell in the pain of not being accepted, because they haven’t accepted themselves, they push away the growth, and go right into what they are scared of, which is pain. Do you see how pain/pleasure work?  So the honeymoon faze is lust filled and fun, but really quite fake. Love is a blossoming growth, it has to be nurtured by both parties, not one.  So as we look out in the world, we become confused by the messages and lust for sex, relationships,  power, money, greed, marriage, a house, food, drama, chaos, drugs, drinking, etc… which stem from lust.  Simply not wanting to the presence because it is unsafe place. So you think, you think of yesterday pleasure/pain, tomorrow pleasure/pain, now pleasure/pain without ever being fully presently alert. The presence is alert and alive action. It catches inspiration like a dream catcher and runs with it.

As we begin to feel safe in the presence itself, we lose the lust, and realize that what we really were searching for in the world was who we really are.  So we turn our attention to right now, because the entertainment outside has lost its meaning to us, it is no longer entertaining.  Because lust for power, money, sex, are laughable in the face of real honesty.  In honesty we can look at our hurts and pain, and know that is not who we are. But we first must acknowledge the lust and be honest with ourselves.  The work is moment to moment. So be honest, gentle, and forgive lots.

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