The Naked Mystic: What Happened To Healing?

Our society is created by all of us. It is created on repetition. A story that continues to be played out in repetition in media, politics, newspapers, on the web, and the stories are made more vivid through the use of video and pictures.  That is the picture outside of ourselves.  The real repetition is inside of ourselves.  Our minds are like broken records on repeat.  Same relationships, same out comes different people, same jobs, same day, same life, same dreams, same story, and nothing changes.  So I ask us, “What happened to healing?”  Healing is learning and growing, yet most people seem to be content on staying on the merry go round, and when talk about our connection is brought up they seem very interested in the conversation and then go right back into the story.  The condition is the story and the story is a constant repetition that we tell our friends, family and stranger about what we think life is by the experience we have.  Rather then taking responsibility for our part and move on, we seem to beat ourselves up and blame the other person, and create the exact same relationships all over again only to repeat the pattern again.  And yet, our friends or family who hear the story over and over never step in and say, “Honey maybe you need to look at yourself, you are telling the story, maybe it isn’t your partners, or job, or friends, or family, etc..maybe it’s you, maybe you are the issue.”

The reason for this is that we never question. We never question our own stories that we tell about ourselves and others.  So why would we then question our friends, family, media, politics, religions, etc…we seem to like the attention of others so much that we are willing to play small, belittle, and compromise who we are without any self love. To have love for our life we have to question ourselves, stop hurting ourselves, beating ourselves up, and ask ourselves, “What is life? How am I expressing life now? Is this story I am telling about myself or another really true?  Am I making up a story so I won’t have to feel what I feel?  How come I need so much attention, success, money just be liked? Do I like myself?”

Healing is simple. Once you have learned the lesson then you are healed.  In order to heal you must question the story of you. You must inquire into who this story is really about.  Are you the story? IS the real you just a series of stories? Or are you something else?  Is your life just a series of relationships, jobs, health, and spirituality without looking at you, just doing the action because that what you were conditioned to do? Or do the words you speak matter and have meaning?



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