The Naked Mystic: What is your song? Feeling Good

When I hear music it reminds me of something, it reminds me to dance, it reminds me of maybe an old relationship, it inspires me, etc…So what is your music? Your word and how you use it on the planet is your music.  Do you play the blues, jazz, or maybe rock and roll with your word? Does your word sing about beauty, love, inspiration?

Today I invite you to appreciate the power of your song (WORD).  Use your song to uplift, celebrate, play, dance, laugh, love, etc…but use it like the bird uses its song when it sees the sun rise. The bird sings and glorifies the light.  You are light, let your light be glorified and celebrated.  Sing your song sweet lovers of love.

Love you

Michael Bublé – “Feeling Good”

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