The Naked Mystic: Why the fuss?

When you gaze at a tree and really see it, you will begin to see yourself. What makes a tree successful? Go on, contemplate that. You may say, “well the tree is present, expressive, has many different colors, growing, powerful, etc..” which describes to the tee, YOU!

So why all the fuss? Why do we fuss? Because we seem to lack understanding of who we actually are. When we discover the nature of our true nature, then the fuss goes away and the questions stop and the assumptions of ourselves and others fall away.

Stop looking ahead with worry, today is enough. Deal with today. Then tonight be thankful it unfolded as it did, and rest in the same rest of the tree. All is well- even when the storm comes. It will pass. Prepare your table and be open to the guests that arrive, they have great presents for you.

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